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WP Syndicator Review from Real Customer

WP Syndicator is one of WordPress premium plug-in that i used in some of my blog. I bought WP Syndicator at price $67 (now $97) because of advice of one SEO Book that i bought in internet marketing forum. What is WP Syndicator for? In short word, i can say that this is an Automatic Blog Promotion Tools. This product help you to promote your blog or website posting to several web 2.0 and social media that listed on WP Syndicator list by just single click. This plugin is created by Andy Fletcher.

wp syndicator


WP Syndicator

Official Website : http://www.wpsyndicator.com
Created by : Andy Fletcher
Price : $47 (Single License), $97 (Multi License), $297 (Developer License)

This product wrote some promoting words on their website, like Instant Backlinks, Huge Traffic Surges, Turn 10 auto-blogs into 150+ with the click of a button, and accomplish this all on 100% autopilot. Today i want to write a full review about the fact about this WP Syndicator product. Hope it will give you some perspective before you decide to purchase this product.

First i want to talk about how this product works. WP Syndicator is very easy to use. Just like what it said, you can do blog promotion in several blog and social media just by push one click button. If you installed WP Syndicator, every time you create a new post, you will have a WP Syndicator Widget on your right side and bottom side of your editor window. What you have to do is write your anchor text with your keyword and Publish your post. You can also syndicate your old post by using the WP Syndicator Widget on the right side of your post.

wp syndicator add new

To make the syndication easier, you can also activate the automatic syndication (the setting can be found on WP Syndicator > Config), so you don’t need to click every time you publish a new post on your blog.

WP Syndicator Review

My review is about the comparison between what this product offered in their website and the fact after i try it by myself. And just like what it written in WP Syndicator website, you will get several advantage if you using this product. They are :

Automatic Content Syndication… My blog will automatically be syndicated to the highest traffic web 2.0 websites resulting in instant exposure and traffic.

Rapid Indexing… Google and other search engines LOVE links from these sites, resulting in your blog posts being indexed faster than ever before…

Permanent Deep Linking… Every post will have high quality one-way permanent links, so they’ll keep their high search engine rankings for years to come, instead of fading away in a few weeks or months…

Instant And Long Term Traffic Surges… We all know traffic means money. WP-Syndicator delivers the traffic, how you monetize it is up to you.

Unlimited Free Support And Lifetime Updates… If you have ANY problems, I’m here to help. And all customers get future updates for LIFE 100% free…

The Fact :
The Syndication is truly work automatically. You even can set the syndication to become automatically working every you post a new post in your blog. It will syndicate to several high traffic web 2.0 websites. But first, you have to sign up to each site manually if you aren’t already a member on the website account listed. Here are the list of the website :
– WordPress
– TypePad
– Blogger
– Live Journal
– Posterous
– Tumblr
– Multiply
– Plurk
– Friend Feed
– Xanga
– Identica
– Twitter
– Publr

Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee you will get instant exposure and traffic. Unless you already have huge network connections on the list, this plugin didn’t have too much effect on your traffic. You have to build every network on each web 2.0 websites by yourself to make this syndication have a high impact on your traffic generation. For SEO aspect, i think it has positive effect because the syndication will create one way backlink to your website. However, not all the web from the list are dofollow website. These are nofollow website, so no SEO benefit will be given :

Facebook – nofollow
Plurk – nofollow
Friendfeed – nofollow
Youare – nofollow
Xanga – nofollow
Twitter – nofollow

What i concern about this plugin is that the syndication will create a perfectly same post on website like Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal and Typepad. Google now is running Google Panda Update that deindexed so many website that didn’t have unique contents (just using copy paste), even the original website that created the content. But fortunately until now, i still don’t have any problem implementing this syndication. So i still recommend that you limited the syndication every day, so it doesn’t look too spammy to the webmaster.


WP Syndication is quite useful for SEO backlink strategy. But there are only 7 dofollow website that will give impact on SEO. It’s nice getting the link from the 7 website 2.0 automatically. To make this plugin more effective, you can build your network first on several nofollow website that listed on the WP Syndicate account list, like Facebook, Twitter, Friend Feed, etc. By had large network connections of each nofollow website i mentioned above, you will save your time about 3-5 minutes time if you have to do the syndication manually.

So overall, this plugin is quite useful for me. It help me to build SEO power to my website automatically. It save a lot of my time, because i don’t have to syndicate each time i create a new post on my blog. It now can be done in single click. Is the plugin worth $67? First, i think this is a bit overpriced. But after i used for several weeks, i didn’t think that way anymore. Why? Because, it depend on how you use the plugin. If you know how to use this plugin, you will think that $67 is not expensive. I will give you some little tips to make this plugin more effective. The syndication will be more useful if your web 2.0 sites is already indexed and start gaining some authority in search engine (Google). It will give more SEO strength to your website and the rank will up very quickly on Search Engine.


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