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World Cup 2010, Paul Octopus, Larissa Riquelme… What we learn from them

World Cup 2010 is over. Spain win the competition and become the new world champion. I’m one of the big fans of Spain National team, so i celebrate for their winning in this competition. World Cup event always offered a lot of dramatic and sensational story in it, including World Cup 2010. In my local newspaper, almost everyday world cup news always appear on front page as the headline news of the day. I think the other news must be willing to become the second priority after the world cup news. The whole world is being hit by World Cup fever

This also happens in  Internet. Especially when you watch carefully what the trends happening in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or also social media like Facebook and Twitter. During the World Cup, I tried to observe this trend more clearly through Google Trends Hot Searchs. And during the World Cup there are some topics that seem very popular among Internet users. What is it? Usually the hottest topics searched is about the next game will be held. eg: Argentina vs. Germany, Spain vs Paraguay, etc. Also surprising defeat of big teams also become hot topic in search engine, eg : the defeat of England, Italy and France. The winning of big team also dominates hot searches, especially Spain winning from Netherland in The Final. Besides all that, there are other topics that as hot as the match game itself or even exceed world cup game  itself. A booming trend during this world cup is associated with an octopus named Paul.

Who is Paul? Of course you all already know who Paul The Octopus. He is the animal who managed to predict several World Cup 2010  games with result exactly 100% correct. The accuracy of his predictions begin recognized by surprise when Paul predicted that Germany would lose against Serbia in preliminary round. No one believe, until the results are speaking. Germany actually lost 1-0 against Serbia. And his prediction proved to be always right  until the final.
In addition to Paul, another trend that is equally hot Larissa Riquelme. Larissa Riquelme is a lingerie model from Paraguay. Larissa began publicly known when he mentioned the promise to run naked through the streets of Asuncion if Paraguay’s national team success to be the World Cup 2010 Champion. Since then a lot of internet users are curious about Larissa Riquelme.

Well … From these, what are the relationship between World Cup, Paul and Larissa with internet marketing? Of course they are related … Both of the trends is a sort of seasonal trends. And if we truly pay attention, we can utilize these trends to increase the traffic of our website. Did you know that 20-25% of Google searches every single day are brand new? So 1 from 4 search queries have never been typed in the history every single day.

Using Events to boost our Traffic

Do you believe that 1 from 4 keywords typed in Google searches is a brand new every day? You might think that this is unrealistic. But, the reason is simple: events. Just read the newspaper, magazines and watch tv everyday. There will be new programs, criminal action, natural disasters, sports events, new products and so on. Now you might think that that is not unrealistic anymore. Now. let’s back to our World Cup topic. The pictures below is the graph of trends of Paul the Octopus and Larissa Riquelme in Google Trends.

The searches volumes boost just in several days. You can use this topic as your article in your blog post. I myself often use this technique on my other blogs. Seasonal trends are very powerful to boost traffic to our website. Traffic spikes can reach even 2-5 times higher than the average visitors per day. Just try it, and you’ll be suprised with the result

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