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Wonderful Story : Together We Can Get Through It All

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Good deeds are the source of all good things happening in the world. The more chaotic the world in recent years due to fewer good deeds done by humans. Many people today who no longer believe in the law of karma. Therefore, people are not afraid anymore to do something bad. This is the reason why the world become increasingly chaotic. So… what can we do now to make this world better? Let us start from our own. Start of our own good deeds. Sometimes something good we do for other people will be remembered, and they will also do the same thing to others. If the chain continues, it will be more and more people who do good in this world. Here is a story about how the good deeds will bring about other good deeds.

Bob Butler lost both his legs because of mine explosion during the Vietnam War in 1965. He came home as a war hero. Twenty years later, she proved that heroism comes from the heart.

Butler was working in the garage in a small town in Arizona on a hot summer day. At that moment he heard a woman screaming hysterically from behind the neighbor’s house. He pedaled his wheelchair into the house and headed to the backyard. But there is a locked fence that does not allow the wheelchair to pass. The veteran then got out of the chair, jumped over the fence with both hands and crawled through the bushes and grass as soon as possible.

I shall soon get there,” he said. “No matter if it will hurt my body.”

When Butler arrived at the back of the house, screaming that he followed came from the pool, where there is a three-year-old girl lying on the bottom of the pond. The child was born with no arms, fell into the pool and could not swim.

Her mother stood at the edge of the pool, yelling hysterically. Butler immediately dive into the bottom of the pool and brought Stephanie out. His face already turned blue, there was no pulse and no breathing.

Butler immediately give artificial respiration when Stephanie’s mother called the fire department (911). He said all firefighters are out on duty, and there is no officer in the office. Knowing there is no hope to rescue her daughter, she cried and hugged Butler’s shoulders.

While continuing to give artificial respiration, Butler try to calm Stpehanie’s mother. “Do not worry,” he said. “I will be a hand to take him out of the pool. He’ll be fine. Now I will be her lungs. Together we will get through this.

Two minutes later the little girl coughed, regained consciousness and began to cry. When they hugged and thanked his mother Stephanie asked how Butler could know that all will be allright.

When my legs off in the Vietnam war, I was alone in the middle of the field, Butler told me. “No one wants to come to help, except a young Vietnamese woman. With difficulty he dragged me to the village, and he whispered with his broken English, ‘Everything is OK. You could live. I became your feet. Together we can get through it all. ‘

Right now is my turn,” said Butler told his mother Stephanie, “To reply all that I have received.”

We are all angels with only one wings. We only can help each other, we can all fly. (Luciano De Crescenzo)

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