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Wonderful Story : The Value of a Glass of Milk

Today i will share another wonderful story. The point of the story is about always doing good to other people. No matter what happen, never stop doing something good and never stop helping other people. We don’t know what will happen in the future. So it’s better always doing good to everyone everyday. Ok… here are the story.

Once upon a time there is a very poor boy, feeling hungry. That boy decided to ask for food to a house he found. But the boy suddenly loses his courage, when a young woman open the door. The boy was discouraged and he don’t dare to ask for food, and he only  ask a glass of water. The woman saw the boy and thought that the boy must be hungry. That’s why the woman bring a glass of milk to him.

The boy drink the milk and after that he ask to the woman :
“How much i have to pay for a big glass of milk?”
She answer :
“You don’t need to pay a single penny at all, our mother teaches us to not accept compensation for kindness.”

The boy drink the milk until empy and say :
“Deep from my heart I say thank you for this”
Several years later, that young woman fall sick and her illness is critical. Every doctors  give up to handle her illness. They eventually sent him to bigger city, which there are some specialists doctor who can handle her rare desease.
Dr.Howard Kelly was called in to conduct the examination. When he heard the name of town where the woman’s come from, there something strange to Dr. Kelly’s eyes. Immediately he rushed down toward that woman rooms. Then he recognized the woman. He then returned to his room and decided doing all the best efforts he can do to save the woman. Starting that day, he gave the woman a very special attention.

After pass through long recovery process, finally the woman was cured.
Dr. Kelly asked hospital’s cashier staff to send the woman’s bills for approval. Dr. Kelly read the bill and write something on the corner of the bills. And afterward he send the bills to patient’s room.

The woman was very afraid to open the bills, she believe that she will not able to pay hospital bills even she has to do installment payment for a lifetime. Finally he dared to read the bill and there something interesting on the corner of the bills. She read the papers .. “It has been settled by a glass of milk”

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