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Wonderful Story : The Fish and The Water

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In life, we frequently complain about anything arround us. Sometimes we do not appreciate what we already have. If you ever watch a movie title Click by Adam Sandler, you’ll know what i mean. Sometimes we do not pay attention to what we already have. Sometimes we are less grateful with what exists arround us. But when all of them already gone, we feel lost and feel that what we had before were tremendous gift that we were not aware of. That’s too late. The following story hopefully can raise our awareness to love everything we alreaedy have arround us.


One day a father and son were sitting and chatting on the riverbank. The father said to his son, "Look to river, my son, the water is so important in this life, without water we will all die."

At the same time, a small fish hear the conversation from the bottom surface of the water, small fish that suddenly nervous and wanted to know about the water, which the human said was so important in this life. The little fish swim upstream to downstream of the river as he asked each fish encountered,

"Hey do you know where the water is? I have heard of human conversation that without the water, all of us will die. "

It turned out that all fish that have been asked not know where the water is. The little fish getting confused, then he swam toward the spring to meet the older fish that have been experienced. The little fish asked the same question to older fish, "Where is the water? "

Older Fish replied wisely, "Do not agitated, my children, the water is arround you, so you do not even notice her presence. It is true that without water we will all die. "


What is the meaning of the story for us. Humans are sometimes experienced a similar situation such as small fish. We usually looking to everywhere about life and happiness. We sometimes don’t realize that happiness is arround us.

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