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Wonderful Story : My little Angel, Please Teach Us about Love…

It is kinda difficult to define what is love? What kind of action considered as love? Sometime we still confuse to know what is love. There are a lot of way to express our love to someone we care. For parents, love doesn’t always to give all what their children want. Sometime love can form as painful experience that train us to become a better person. There are a lot of Love Lesson. Some movie give good lesson about love, such as If Only that teaches us how to love a person sincerely. Children of Heaven and Homerun are also good movies that teach us about love between brother and sister. Beside those good movies, i also have a good story that teach us about love. Just read the story below. It’s about a kind-hearted girl who live in India.

teach me love

My wife said to me when i was reading newspaper, “How much longer do you read the newspaper? Can you come here and help your daughter to eat.”

I put the newspaper and saw my only daughter, named Sindu, looked frightened. On her front, there is a bowl of Indian curd rice. Sindu is 8 years old child, and she is sweet and smart. She really did not like to eat rice curd. My mother and wife is still old-fashioned, they believe that eating curd rice will cause “cooling effect“. I took the bowl and said: “Sindu dear, for your father, would you eat a few spoonfuls of this curd rice? If not, your mother would yell to me.”

I could feel my wife scowl behind my back. Sindu tears subsided and she was wiping her eyes with her hand and said: “Ok, dad. I will not eat only a few spoons, but i will eat all, but i want …” in doubt for a moment “….will ask something after i eat all the rice. Is daddy will promise to meet my request?

I replied: “Oh, of course darling“.

Sindu: “Really?

Well, sure ..” my hands clutching her small and soft hand as sign of approval. Sindu also urged her mother to promise the same thing, my wife patted her hand. Sindu whimpered and said without emotion. My wife finally said “promise“.

I’m a bit worried and said: “Sindu, do not ask for computer or other expensive thing, because currently my father does not have any money.

Sindu: “Do not worry, i will not ask expensive thing.

Sindu then slowly eat the curd rice. She really doesn’t like that curd rice. Seems she suffered when eating that curd rice. In my heart, i was angry to my wife and my mother who forced Sindu to eat something she doesn’t like.

After Sindu finished eat the curd rice, she approached me with eyes full of hope and all the attention (I, my wife and my mother) on her.

It turned out that she want to become bald on Sunday!

My wife spontaneously said: “This is crazy request, daughter hair be shaven, no way!

My mother also grumble and said that she was too much watching TV. And TV program was destroying our culture.

I try to persuade : “Sindu, why you do not ask something else. We all will be sad to see you bald.

But Sindu stick with her choice : “Nothing else, dad. I don’t have other request.

I tried to plead with Sindu: “Please, why you not try to understand our feelings!

Sindu, with tears, said: “Daddy already saw how miserable I eat the curd rice and daddy had promised to meet my request after i eat it. Why now daddy want to draw your own words? Does daddy had taught moral lessons, that we must fulfill our promises no matter what happens, like Raja Harishchandra (an ancient king of India) who willing to give his throne, his power, even his own life to fulfill his promise.

After listened my daughter, i said: “We have to kept our promise…

Simultaneously, my wife and my mother said: “Are you mad?

I replied : “No, if we lick our own spit, she will never learn how to respect herself. Sindu, your wish will be fulfilled.

With a bald head, her round face and her eyes seemed great. On Monday, i drove her to school. I saw her walking to her class and waved to me. With smile, I waved back. Suddenly there is a boy who also came out of the car, shouting: “Sindu, please wait for me.

What surprised me was the the boy’s head that also bald. First, i thought that maybe bald is already become trendy model today.

Without introducing herself, a woman came out of the car and said: “Your daughter, Sindu, really a great girl. The boy who with her is Harish, my son, he was suffering from leukemia cancer.

The woman stopped to speak, for a moment, I saw the tears began to trickle in her cheek : “Last month, Harish absent from school, his head became bald because of chemotherapy, so she did not want to go to school afraid of being ridiculed by his classmates. Well, last week Sindu came to our house and promised to my children to overcome the ridicule that might occur. Only, I did not think that Sindu really willing to sacrifice her beautiful hair for my son Harish. You and your wife is blessed by God, have a good-hearted girl.

I stood still and not realize my tears also melt away. My little angel, please teach me about the meaning of love!

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