Wonderful Story : Most Beautiful Hand in the World

There is a saying that a mother’s love has no limits. This is true. Sometimes we forget the meaning of maternal love. Due to the demands of modern life that is full of competition, sometimes we often underestimate the people who have low status or education. We also sometimes feel impatient to see there are people who can’t work as quickly as we do. And sometime we even don’t realize, we do the same thing to our own family, including our own mother. When we see our mother does everything at a slow pace, we often feel impatient. Hopefully by reading this story, we can perform self-introspection and realize how great the love of a mother.

mother hand

Years ago, when my mother visited, she asked me to accompany her to go shopping with her because she needed a new dress. I actually do not like to go shopping together with others, even though it was my mother. I am not a patient woman. But, we decided to go together to the shopping center. We visited each store that provides women’s dresses. And my mother tried each dress but always return it. As the days passed, I was getting tired, restless, and mother start to feel frustrated.

Finally, at the last store we visited, mother tried a new set of beautiful blue dress, consisting of three strands. There is a kind of rope on her blouse at the neck edge. And because of my impatience, so this time I went in and stood with my mom in dressing room. I want to make it fast. I saw how she tried to dress, with difficulty trying to tie the laces.

Apparently, God…, her hands were already crippled by arthritis. And mother can not tie the dress by herself. Instantly my impatience was replaced by feel of deep compassion to her. My breath become hard. I turned away and tried to hide the tears that suddenly come out. I sobbed.

After being calm, I went back into the locker room, i try not to shed a tear seeing my mother trembling hands. I help her dress the tie. Those clothes are beautiful, and my mom want to buy it. Our shopping trip was over, but the incident can not be engraved and forgotten from my memory. Throughout the rest of the day, my mind was still back at the time when i was in the dressing room, and i always remember the memory of my mother’s hand that was trying to tie her blouse. Shaking hands ….

Both hands are full of love, which once fed me, bathed me, dressing, caressing and hugging me and pray for me. Now that hand has touched my heart in the most impression way. Later in the afternoon, I went to my mother’s room, took her hand, kissed him …. And that surprised her. I told my mother, her hands are most beautiful hand in the world. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to realize how valuable and precious sacrificing love of a mother. I can only pray that someday my hands and my heart will have its own beauty, the beauty of a mother hand.

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