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Wonderful Story : Enjoy the Coffee, Not The Cup

Today i’ll share another short story about how to Be Grateful. If you want to be happy in life, it doesn’t from your wealth, money, position, beautiful/handsome mate or anything else, but it come from what you already have in life and you satisfied with them. If you love what you have whatever it is then your life must be full with happiness everyday. Don’t see other people life.

A group of alumni of an university that has been established in their career gather and visit their old professors. The conversation soon occur and lead to complaints about stress in work and their lives. 
Want to serve and offer his guests coffee, the professor went into the kitchen and back with large cups of coffee and various types of cup from porcelain, plastic, crystal glass, ordinary glass (some of them are expensive glasses and some others very beautiful), and told the former students to pour the coffee by themself.

After all the students get a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the beautiful and expensive cups has been taken, and all there remains are only ordinary and cheap glasses. Although it’s normal for you to covet only the best for yourselves, but that’s what become the source of all problems and stress you have."

Make sure that the cup does not affect the quality of the coffee. In many cases, it’s just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What are you guys really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously took the best cups and then began to looked other people’s cup.

Now remember this : our heart is the coffee, while jobs, money and position is the cup. We frequently concentrating only on the cup, but we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided for us.


Note: Your real life is your heart. Are you feel happy and peaceful? Do you love and be loved by family, relatives and your friends? Don’t you think negative about others and don’t get mad easily? Are you patient, generous, rejoice in the truth, courteous and unselfish? Only your heart and God knows. But if you can enjoy the the coffee not the cup, these things must have more control than flamboyant things like jobs, money and your position!

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