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Wonderful Story : Carpenter and His House

Today i will share a motivational story about struggle and hard work. Sometimes as human, we feel very lazy. Because of this laziness, we often do not do things properly. We do not attempt our best effort. In the end, what we obtained only regrets in the future. This story is about a carpenter and his house. Hope it can inspire you…

An old carpenter intends to retire from his job at a construction and real estate company. He tell his wish to the company’s owners. Of course, if he don’t work anymore then he will lose his monthly income, but the decision was unanimous. He felt tired. He want to relax and enjoy the rest of his day peacefully with his wife and his family.

The owner of the company was sad to lose one of his best employee. He then pleaded to carpenter to build a house for the last time. Carpenter nodded approved the company owner’s request .
But, in fact he felt forced. He wants to stop soon. His heart was not fully expended. Reluctantly he was working on that project. But he’s just using modest materials and he finally finished the house. The result is not a good house. It was an unfortunate way to end his career with a unsatisfactory work like that.
When the owner of the company came to inspect the house which he asked, he gave a house key to the carpenter. “This is your house,” he said, “a gift from us.”
What a shock!. What a shame and remorse. If only he knows that he is actually working on a house for himself, he would build with completely another way.
Now he must live in a house that was not to well built.

That is what happened in our lives. Sometimes, many of us build a life with a confusing way. Prefer to do something perfunctory rather than striving for good. Sometimes in part of most important thing in our lives, we still does not give our best effort. At the end, we sometimes suprise to what we have done and find ourselves living in a house that we create by ourself.
If we knew from the beginning, we are going to live this life with a much different way.
Think that we are the carpenter. Think about the house we are building. Every day we hit the nail, put up signs, build a wall and roof. Let’s finish our homes as best as we can, just like if we only have one chance in a lifetime. Our future is the result of our attitudes and the choices we do today.

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