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Wonderful Story : Bouquet of Flower for Mom

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Two days ago, i hear a lectures about how our relationship with our parents should be. Sometimes we forget how much our parent love us in this life. We usually care about our girlfriend / wife, but forget about our parents. Hope this story can give some insight view of how we behave to our parents. This is the story about a man who want to give flower to his mother


A man stopped on flower shop to buy a bouquet of flower that will be sent to his mother who lived 250 km from him. After going out from his car, he saw a small girl standing on the road while walking burst into tears. The man asked why the little girl was crying and the little girl said, “I want to buy a spray of red roses to my mother. But I just have some five hundred rupiah, while the price of the rose is a thousand rupiah.”

The man then smiled and said, “Come with me, I’ll buy the flowers you want”. Then, he buy the young girl a spray of red roses, as well as order a bouquet to send to his mother.

When finished and want to return, he offered himself to take the girl back home. The little girl jumped happy, she said, “Yes, of course. Will you take me to my mother?

Then they go to a place where the young girl shown, that the public cemetery. Upon of her arrival, the girl placing her flowers on the graves that are still wet. Looking that, the heart of man is to be startled and remember what he was doing. He rushed back to flower shops where he bought the flowers and cancel the shipment. He took the bouquet and ride his car to deliver the flower by himself to his mother house.

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