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Wonderful Story : A Shabby Handkerchief

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Star light is bright. But, the light from star not as bright as love from a mother. Her love never end for a lifetime to her children. Today i want to share you, a wonderful story about how great the love of a mother. This is a story from a girl in my country. In modern world, devotion to parents seems start to fade. Modern people always place intelligence as the most important thing. Sometimes they look down the people with low education, including their parents. Hope this story can aware us that love from a parents is remarkable, so we may not forget all kindness from our parents.

My mother is a cafetaria keeper at one of junior high school in Bekasi, Jawa Barat. She also make uduk rice (name of indonesian food) and cake to be placed in several cafetaria and stall arround the city. Everyday, she has to wake up every 3:30 in the morning and come home at 23:00. That the life she must face everyday and she never complaint about her life.

My father income doesn’t too much so my mother have to work too. Since primary school until senior high school, i and my brother always got pocket money from that. That became my admiration to my mother. Her wrinkled face show that she always work hard everyday. Her hand full with a muscle.

I rarely see her wear face powder or make-up. Since i was a child, I just seen mothers wear makeup when I was growing up. That was when I graduated along with thousands of my university graduates at the Islamic Center, Surabaya few years ago. She said she wanted to look beautiful at the moment.

After that, we’ve rarely met. I chose to stay in Surabaya. Within a year, sometimes just once I go home to Bekasi. It was when Lebaran holidays or Christmas holidays.

Rip love is never exhausted. That’s the mother. As promised to introduce a candidate companion of my life, I had the opportunity to meet with the mother again in Surabaya. He gave a shabby handkerchief to me. At that point, I still do not understand the meaning of the gift.

Mother told me that handkerchief that he used to compress me when i have a motorcycle accident that made my leg was broken on December 31, 1998. After I had to part with their parents at the end of August 1999 for college in Surabaya, the handkerchief was still kept by my mother.

Everyday activity during my college seems make me rarely made a communication with family in Bekasi. But not with my mother. She kept the handkerchief to remember me. Only, I did not expect that she always kept it. I myself just found out two weeks ago, when i introducing my boyfriend to her.

After telling me the story, my mother gave my handkerchief to me and bless our relationship. Though I can not say a word. This tongue was stiff. Heart quivered with emotion. How could that handkerchief still kept all these years?

Not by words, but with shabby handkerchief my mothers strike me with simple love. Sincere love that never expect a reply from anybody or even her own child. The star light is bright, but the love from a mother is brighter. Through the shabby handkerchief, the times may change. But, love from a mother can not be crushed by time. She was there until whenever. Could not rewarded with anything …

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