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Wonderful Story : A Boy, The Ice Cream Buyer

In this modern world, a lot of people always judge a person from their material background. I myself have experienced it couple of times. People always despise the people who don’t have excess material, and contrarily they will admire rich people. They tend to make friends with people on the same level or above them. Poor people are often treated not politely and not respectfully. I personally strongly disagree with this. Why? Because people’s fate will not always be the same forever. People who are wealthy now can become poor some day, while poor people can also become rich some day. There are no certain things in this world. Anything can happen. Therefore I do not like people who only look at people just from material. To learn something about this, I have one short story that might open our eyes so we do not always see things from the material. Every people in this world is important. Wherever we must treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and with respect.

plain ice cream

Sunday afternoon in a mall, an eight-year-old boy walked into a store where ice cream stand belong. Because he was short, he had to climb to see the waitress. His shabby appearance contrasted with the frenetic atmosphere of the mall which is fragrant and beautiful.

Ma’am, what is the price of one Ice Cream Sundae?” the boy asked.

One point five dollars,” the waitress replied.

The boy was later get the coins out of his pocket. He was counting coins in his hand carefully. While the waitress waited with impatient look on her face. Understandably, there are many buyers are who are richer that stand in the queue behind that poor boy.

How much plain ice cream?

With curt tone that harassing, the waitress replied, “One dollar“.

Again the boy count his coins, “Then I want a plate of plain cream, Ma’am,” the boy said as he gave the money as the price of the ice cream. The waitress was immediately handed a plate of plain cream.

Some time later, the waiter cleared the table and dirty dishes that have been abandoned by customers. When lifting plates of ice cream used by the poor boy, she surprised. On the table, there were two coins of ten cents and five coins of five cents neatly arranged.

There is a sense of regret in the heart of that waitress. She just realize, in fact the boy had been able to buy the cream sundae. However, he is sacrificing his personal desires in order to be able to give a tip for her.

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  1. Lee
    February 2nd, 2013 at 10:35 | #1

    Wow, I want my son to be like that.

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