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Wonderful Stories : Telephone Operator

As long as we live, we interact with many people. From so many people we know, there are some people that close with us, there are not so close to us. But for some people there are several person who they think is special in their eyes. As long as we live, we can make our lives more beautiful with enthusiasm, love and care from other people. The way we interact with people determines our relationship with someone. The following story is an example of a beautiful relationship between two human beings. Although they never met, but they both have a very special relationship.

When I was still a child, my father already had a telephone in our house. This was the beginning of the phone, black color, hanging on the wall, and if you want to contact the operator, we have to spin the rotary dial and have connected with another phone number. The operator will connect manually. In a short time, I found that, if i rotate the rotary dial, a friendly voice, will say: “Operator”. And the operator is omniscient. He knew all other people’s phone numbers! He knew the restaurant phone numbers, hospitals, and even phone number of town bakery at the city border. The first experience with the operator happens when no one at home, and my left thumb pinched by the door. I was turning in pain and put it into the mouth while I remember …. “Operator!” I immediately spin the rotary dial and waited for her voice. “Here the operator …” “My thumb pinched by door …” I said, crying. Now my emotions can be overwhelming, because there is someone else listening. “Is your mother home?” She asked. “Nobody” “Is your thumb bleeding?” “No, but the color is red, and it really hurt” “Can you open the fridge?” She asked. “Yes, i could. i stand on the bench.” “Take a piece of ice and stick it on your thumb …” Since then I always call the operator if i need anything. Time can not answer the question of earth sciences, what is the name of the capital of a State, asked about mathematics. She also explained that the squirrels that I caught can be used as pets. What its eat is nut or fruit. One day, my pet bird died. I call the operator and reported the news of this grief. She listened all complaints, then speak the word commonly uttered by adults to comfort children who are sad. But my condolences too big. I asked: “Why the smart birds that can sing and always make me happy is now lying in his cage and isn’t move at all?” She said quietly: “Because he is now singing in a different world …” These words can calm me a little bit. Next time I call her again. “Here the operator” “How do you spell the word kukuruyuk?” This went on until I was 9 years old. The whole family then moved to another city. I really miss “Here the operator” I grew up be a teenager, and the childhood memories I always enjoyed. How patient this operator woman to hear all my complaints. How full of understanding and willing she is to serve a child. A few years later, when i already at college, i am on study trip to my hometown. Soon after I arrived, I called the office phone, and ask for the operator and i hear “Here the operator” Sound the same. The same warm-hearted. I asked: “Can you spelled words kukuruyuk” There was a pause. Then there is the question: “your thumb that pinched already healed right?” I laughed. “It’s You …. Wow time goes so fast. Right?” I also explain how grateful I am for all the talk with her when i was a child. I always enjoyed it. She said seriously: “I enjoyed talking with you. I’m always waiting for you to call” I tell her that she has a special place in my heart. I asked what should call her again next time. “Sure, my name is Saly” Three months later I was back to my hometown. I call telephone operator. The sound is very different. I asked to speak with the operator whose name is Saly. The voice asked “Are you her friend?” “Yes, a very old friend” “Sorry to proclaim this, Saly last few years working part time because of her illness. She died five weeks ago …” Before I hung up, suddenly the voice asked: “Excuse me, are you Mr. Paul?” “Yes” “Saly leave a message for you. She wrote it on a piece of paper, please wait for a while …..” He then read out a message from Saly: “Tell Paul, that SHE NOW SINGING IN ANOTHER WORLD … Paul will understand these words ….” I hung up the phone. I know what Saly means. Never underestimate, how you touch others life.



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