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Why you are blogging?

Make Money from Google Adsense is one of the hottest topic in the internet for the last 10 years. As we know together, the words “Make money from Google Adsense” identically with Blogging. Since blogging become popular, there are a lot of blogger who love to writing article on the internet. There are a lot of reason, why they blogging. So, why they are blogging?

That’s the common question we frequently ask for all bloggers who usually writing on blog. The most reason that people said why they are blogging are to distribute their hobby or to make money. I know there are several other reason like to promote product of business, to outporing mind, to spend free time, etc.

I think the reason to blogging doesn’t matter, because the important thing is what our purpose in blogging? The answer is to share something. Because this is the strongest intention to keep our passion alive for writing article in blog. You don’t think too much about how much money will you get from blogging. Generally, beginner blogger can’t survive long enough blogging, because they usually have intentions to earn some money from their blog. So if they didn’t earn money in the first, second or third month, they will have no willing to writing again.

Calm down… Just have an intention to share doesn’t mean we can not make money from blog. After read some success story of several people who have a lot of income just from Adsense, i have an conclusion. At first, most of them don’t have an intention to earn some money. What they want do is to share. As the time pass through, money come by itself.

So from now on, just change our intention. Use blog to share something to others. Don’t think to much about the earning you’ll get from your blog. JUST LET THE MONEY COME TO YOU !!!


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