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Website Traffic suddenly drop into zero. How to fix this problem?

Yesterday, i was shocked. One of my new website has problem. WordPress Site Stats showed that my website traffic suddenly drop to zero. Then, i checked Google Analytics to make sure that this is not because of WordPress plug-in error, but i found that it’s true. My website traffic really dropped to zero. It’s from averagely 100 / day to zero. Oh my god… What happens?

wordpress site stats

First thing to do, i try to search on Google using site:”mywebsite.com” to check if my website are still indexed by google. Fortunately, it is still indexed. So it’s not Google deindex. But even it’s still indexed when i search each keyword of the post, i can’t found any of my website page on the first 10 Google page. Then i try to googling about how to fix this problem, but there are no really good answer. There are a lot of assumptions without any proved solution to fix this problem. Then i was trying several things to fix this problem. In the end, I finally found the main reason why this can happen.

Honestly, i change a lot of things in my website. I switch the template, change the permalink setting, install some new plug-in. And these are the reason why my website have a problem with google.  And later, i just realize that the problem maybe come from the sitemap. To know is there a problem or not with the sitemap, i go to my Google Webmaster Tools. Then, i checked the website sitemap (sitemap.xml).

google webmaster tools
And there are a lot of problems found on errors detail report at the bottom of the page. It seems that the problem comes from the permalink. Google crawlers found a lot of errors because of this permanent link modification. It happens because they still use the old sitemap.

So, i opened my website wordpress dashboard again to rebuilt my sitemap manually. Because i use Google XML Sitemap plug-in, i just go to Settings and click XML-Sitemap. And then i click rebuild the sitemap from the sentence “If you changed something on your server or blog, you should rebuild the sitemap manually“.
wordpress xml sitemap

After that, i go back to Google Webmaster Tools and resubmit the sitemap.

google webmaster tools 01

After this, i waited for about an hour before check my website statistics again. And Bingo !!! The problem is solved. My traffic is back to normal.

If you are experiencing the same problem, you can take steps like what i wrote above. But there are some other possibilities beside this case. The most common case is your website being thrown to Google Sandbox. If your website enter the Google Sandbox, then your website is no longer indexed by Google. You can check this via Google Search by typing “site: yourwebsite.com“. If the result is 0, then it means that your website has been deindexed (being thrown to Google Sandbox)

If your website was deindexed, it will be difficult to make it indexed again. Therefore, make sure you always make a unique content for your website (not just copy and paste) and do not violate Google policy.

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  1. Swensen
    May 7th, 2012 at 02:47 | #1

    Thanks for the tips. My problem is solved

  2. harrist
    September 11th, 2012 at 23:43 | #2

    me to! I also having same issue! but I just realize, that I change my internal link, actually I am planing to boost other pages! 😀 bad news is I forget about my link scheme :(. anyway I agree with you, that changing template or change internal link. could harm our traffics 🙁

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