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Want to Know better about Google Mail? Check GMail Blog…

Previously, Google Accounts only functioned as an email account (better known by GMail Accounts). But now GMail account (Google Account) has been transformed into multi-function accounts for Internet marketers, especially for those who use Google tools like Adsense, Adwords, Analytics, Maps, Docs, etc.. But there are still many of us who are also very helpful with Google Mail itself because of its features that are not owned by any other mail services, such as for example: Free POP3, Free Email Forwarding, etc. (most other mail service charged a fee for those services). Now for those of you who are Goggle Mail users who frequently opened directly through web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera would really enjoy the easiness provided by Google so far. But, don’t you know, GMail can do a lot of things for us than just send and receive email. If you want to know more detail about GMail, Google has now provided a special blog that discuss all about GMail. The GMail Blog is located at http://gmailblog.blogspot.com.

Some of the articles you will get from these blogs include:
– How to Access two Gmail accounts at once in the Same browser
– WOW, Rich Text Signature in Every Email
– Guide to Video Chat
– GMail integration with Apple’s newest device, iPad
– GMail sweatshirts
– etc

If you interested to topics like above, just visit GMail Blog

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