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Twa.lk Paypal Transfer Proved

Yesterday, I got emails from GIS Shaun Stenning mailing list. There were two emails from two different people confirming evidence about many questions asked by people about the real prove of income (paypal transfer) from twa.lk. Here is a screenshot was uploaded by them.

From the screenshots, we can see that the earnings in twa.lk actually transferred in real by Shaun, unfortunately the only evidences available so far only from two people who did voluntary work at the launch of twa.lk 2.0. This is not surprising, because the volunteers had helped by Shaun Stenning himself. But of course, we can take the positive side. That at least there are people who really got income from this twa.lk, although the numbers are still very rare.

So let’s see together how the development of this twa.lk program.

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