Travel to Macau (Day 6) : Senado Square, Macau Tower and The Venetian Resort Hotel

List of tourist attractions visited today :

  • Senado Square
  • St. Paul Ruin
  • Macau Tower
  • City of Dreams
  • The Venetian Resort & Casino

Today is the sixth day. Tomorrow I had to go home to Indonesia. Today is the last day of my trip around Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau. Today we left Hongkong to Macau. Because a little bit tired, we woke up late today. It was about 10 o’clock when we came out from the hostel for breakfast. After breakfast, we all checkout from the hostel and then headed to the Ferry Terminal.

Ferry from Hongkong to Macau

In Hong Kong there are two ferry terminal usually used to reach Macau. The first one is Hongkong China Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui. If your hotel in Kowloon area, you can go to this terminal. The ferry company operated here is FirstFerry. Beside Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui, there also one terminal in Hongkong Island called Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal. This terminal located at Sheung Wan. If your hotel is in Central, Northpoint, Admiralty, Wanchai on Hong Kong Island, just go to Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal. The ferry company here is Turbojet.

I personally prefer Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal because it directly connected to the MTR station. Just go by MTR and get off at Sheung Wan on light blue line (Island Line). When you exit the MTR, just go three floor above and you will arrive at Ferry Ticket Office. If you go via Tsim Sha Tsui Fe you’ll need to walk a little bit from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

Exactly at 12 o’clock we arrived at Sheung Wan ferry ticket counter. We immediately bought tickets without having to queue. We bought tickets for 12:15 departure. Hongkong-Macau ferry ticket prices is HK$ 151. Actually we want to buy tickets for 12:30 departure, but my friend bought on the wrong counter. Eventually we had to rush to get in the departure gate. Because we still have to pass through immigration and luggage inspection (my suitcase that weighs 20kg finally being charged HK$ 20 because of the overweight). In the end we were not able to enter the 12:15 departure ferry. Fortunately the ferry system here does not like planes. We can join the next departure 12:30 using our 12:15 tickets. Hong Kong-Macau Ferry is similar to Batam-Singapore Ferry. After take approximately 50 minutes long we finally arrived at the Macau Ferry Terminal.

Go to Hotel by Shuttle Bus

After passed through immigration without a lot of questions, just exit the terminal. Then look for a counter that became the center of the representatives of all hotels in Macau. Just ask where the shuttle bus that owned by the hotel where we stayed. Next we will be delivered to our hotel for free.

From Macau Ferry Terminal to Hotel just need 10 minutes. Finally we arrived at our hotel (Sintra Hotel). My hotel is not too far from Grand Lisboa Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotel in Macau. Compared to our accomodation in Hongkong, the hotel in Macau far more better. But this is understandable, because the hotel rates in Macau are not cheap. Below are the architecture of our room in Sintra Hotel.

After arrived at hotel, we take a rest for a hour. After that we go to the our first place, Senado Square.

Senado Square

The distance between our hotel to the Senado Square was not too far away. Only about 10 minutes walking. Senado Square is kind of field that is Portuguese style designed, with the paint color of the building façade, classical Spanish model and stone floors that beautifully arranged. This place is where Macau residents gathered throughout the day because the place is bright and romantic.

St. Paul Ruins

From Senado Square, we continue our trip to St. Paul Ruin. Just follow the sign board and follow the crowd by walking up the path uphill. There are a lot of shop selling Macau traditional foods like Portuguese eggtart, souvernir, and snacks. At the end of the road, we’ll see ruins of the church above. This building was formerly a church, but right now its only front wall of the building remain. At the rear there is an additional building displaying the bones of Excavation and a Museum below.

From here we go back to the hotel again and take a rest again. It’s about 7 o’clock at night we continue our trip to Macau Tower.

Macau Tower

To go to the Macau Tower, we use the existing public bus that stopped at the road across our hotel. Macau Tower (Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre) measures 338 m in height from ground level to the highest point. It offers the best view of Macau and in recent years has been used for a variety of adventurous activities. At 233 meters, the Macau Tower’s tethered Bungee jump by AJ Hackett from the tower’s outer rim, is the second highest commercial skyjump in the world, after Vegas’ Stratosphere skyjump.

After take a photo and sit for a while here, we continue our trip to City of Dream in Taiba Macau. That time we used Hard Rock Hotel shuttle bus to go to City of Dream (It’s free).

Tips : How to go to Venetian Hotel with free? The easiest way for you is to ride the shuttle hotel where you stay and to Ferry Terminal. From Ferry terminal just take Venetian Hotel shuttle bus. Do not be afraid even though we are not a hotel guest, we can ride the shuttle bus for free.

City Of Dreams


Venetian Hotel & Resort

After satisfied stroll at City of Dreams, we cross into Venetian Hotel & Resort . Venetian Hotel & Resort is one of the largest hotel complex in the world, with the number of rooms in the thousands that only can be rivaled by Genting Hotel & Resort in Malaysia. Built based the design of the city of Venice in Italy, there is a tower, canals and gondolas, and hundreds of stores that sell items inside.

Venetian Casino is currently the largest casino in the world, beating Las Vegas. With a gaming table that reaches hundreds, the slot machine is also very much, we could even get lost in this hall. If you want to try to play here, clothes must be neat and formal, at least wear long pants and shoes. Need at least 2-3 hours to explore this place

Do not forget to go to area called St. Mark’s Square. In the hotel lobby we were greeted by a statue of a lion that is characteristic of St. Mark Square in Venice. The ceiling of the hotel is decorated with wonderful ornaments (for the size of a hotel in Asia). The names of places are also named as in Venice. We can ride the gondola from anywhere. At a cost of about MOP 100, we can ride the gondola for about 20 minutes down the artificial canal. The gondola, piloted by gondoliers dressed in black and white workers deliberately recruited from the western world, not local residents, to provide an atmosphere as closely as possible with a gondola in Venice.

It’s about 11 o’clock when we go back to our hotel. From Venetian, we use the bus to Ferry Terminal (it’s free). From Ferry Terminal, we once again use the shuttle bus to go back to our hotel.

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  1. Great post! I’m also planning a trip to Macau and will be going to the same places. How far is Hotel Sintra from Macau Tower? How many minutes for the travel time?

  2. it’s only 10 minutes from Hotel Sintra. From Hotel Sintra you just take the right way from hotel entry door, and then turn right again. Cross street and walk pass the New Yaohan Mall. After you found intersection, turn left. You’ll found Praca De Jorge Alvares Street. Just walk about 100 metre. That’s the spot where bus direction to Macau Tower usually stop. Ride the bus to Macau Tower

  3. nice post. But may I know how to go to Senado Square from the Ferry Terminal.. and also from Senado Square , how do I go to Macau Tower?

  4. From Ferry Terminal to Senado Square, you can just use any free hotel shuttle bus (pick shuttle bus from Hotel located near Senado Square. for ex : Grand Lisboa Hotel) in Ferry Terminal. It’s ok if you use the bus, even you don’t stay at their hotel. From Senado Square to Macau Tower, i took public mini bus transport i stop on the road. It’s quite cheap.