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Travel to Shenzhen (Day 2) : Window Shopping at Dong Men Shopping Street and Walking Around the World at Windows of The World

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List of tourist attractions visited today :

  • Dong Men Shopping Street
  • Windows of The World

After a long day trip to Hongkong yesterday, today i start my trip around Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau. On this trip, i go together with friends (there are 6 people total including me). But we do not depart together from Tianjin. Because all of us came from different cities in China. We already agreed to meet at Shenzhen today. Just around 9 o’clock in the morning, i started to set out from my hostel towards Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station that located right in front of the hostel.

Using MTR go to Shenzhen

To go to Shenzhen just pick the light blue line (East Rail Line) and get off at 湖站 Lo Wu . It costs HK $ 35 using the Octopus Card from Tsim Sha Tsui station. Lo Wu station is end of the border of Hong Kong. Actually beside go through Lo Wu, you can also go through 落馬洲 Lok Ma Chau, but you need to change trains at 上水 Sheung Shui. Both station is adjacent to Shenzhen in different places, Lo Wu border with Luo Wu and Lok Ma Chau with Tian Fu, both have each immigration gate.

After arrive at the Lo Wu Station, just follow the crowded through the immigration. You will cross the bridge over the river which means that you already crossed Hongkong and Shenzhen border. Since I already have a China VISA from my study, then i immediately get pass through the immigration. For those who do not have China VISA, then you need to make Visa On Arrival (VOA) first.

Where to make Visa On Arrival

Follow the instructions to the Visa Office, located one floor up from the immigration gate. How to apply VOA is pretty easy. Just fill out the form first, then take a queue number. As soon as your queue number was called, go to the first counter to submit a passport photograph. Then move to the payment counter, VOA costs for citizens is RMB 160. Finally just wait for the visa affixed to the passport and called in the third counter.

Window Shopping di Dong Men Shopping Street

After exiting the MTR station, I contacted my friend who was evidently still at Guangzhou. Because it still takes long time to reach Shenzhen, so I decided to spend my time by window shopping at one of the most popular shopping center in Shenzhen, 东门路 Dongmen Shopping Street. Dong Men Shopping Street is a very popular local shopping district that’s packed with big malls and many small shops selling a large variety of items. How to get to this place quite easily. You just ride from 湖站 Lo Wu MTR station and get off at 老街 Laojie (Cost: RMB 2). After exiting the MTR, you will see the crowd. Dong Men Shopping Street is very similar to Nan Jing Road at Shanghai, only the goods sold in Dong Men are local brands. The goods sold here are very cheap. You can find various kinds of goods ranging from clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and much more. There are also many places to eat in here.

After get lunch and stroll long enough in Dong Men Street, i continue my trip to the Windows of the World.

Around the World at Windows of The World

To go to 世界之窗 Window of the World you can use MTR again (Cost: 5 RMB) and get off at the 世界之窗 Window of the World station. Follow the board to go out to the Pyramid (Window of the World). Out of the Pyramid, that’s where the entrance gate of Window of the World located.

Since my friends had not arrived, I had bought tickets first. Window of the World Ticket Office is at the left side of the entrance gate. Tickets price of this park is RMB 140.
Windows of the World is a themed park in which there are miniatures of various countries. All the famous icons of each country from different continents can be found here. It has about 130 reproductions of some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world squeezed into 48 hectares. This place is perfect place to take a photos.

windows of the world map

Windows of The World Map (Click to Enlarge)

At night (arround 7 o’clock) there is a show near the entrace gate. The show similar to Beijing Happy Valley’sGolden Mask Dynasty” or Guangzhou‘s “West Lake Dream“.

After watched the show, we got out from Windows of the World. Although can’t visit all attractions, we were satisfied. Unconsciously it was already night. From the Windows of the World, we were all returned to our hotels. Most of my friends to stay in Shenzhen, while I returned to Hong Kong by MTR again.

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  1. September 6th, 2012 at 15:44 | #1

    I was just been to Dong Men (2012) and was at Nan Jing in 2007.
    I believe Dong Men is more ‘street hawkers’ than Nan Jing, more buy-able than Nan Jing though… :).
    I think the items at Dong Men is more similar to MongKok area than to Nan Jing.

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