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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 西沽公园 Xigu Gongyuan (Xigu Park)

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Vacation is over. Today is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow I have to go back to school to learn Mandarin again. Spend the remaining time left, I went to a park named 西沽公园 Xigu Gongyuan (Xigu Park) in Tianjin. There is one thing that is quite unique from all parks in Tianjin. Each park here has specific theme. For example, 水上公园 (Water Park) is a water themed park, while 北宁公园 (Beining Park) is a pagoda themed park. What about Xigu Park?  This park is a forest themed Park. From my campus, i go by MRT and stop at 洪湖里 Honghu Li. I get out from gate A and walk to 光荣道 Guangrong Dao Bus stop. From there i take bus 879路 and down at 北洋职专 Beiyang Zhi Zhuan. The bus take about 1 hour of trip.

西沽公园 Xigu Gongyuan (Xigu Park)

Address : Road No.1, Dingzigu, Hongqiao District Tianjin 300130
Phone : 022-25345833,022-86516925
Open Hour : 06:00 – 22:00
Ticket Price : Free
How to Go :
If you go by bus, you can stop at this following bus stop :
西沽 ( 5, 10, 155, 653, 801, 810, 852, 855, 859, 869, 906)
北洋职专‎ (22, 34, 622, 687, 855, 869, 906)
栖霞里‎(34, 622, 855, 879)
Xigu Park is located in the northwest part of Tianjin. It was built in 1958 and covers an area of 32 hectares. It is dominated by natural landscapes of vigorous trees and plants. The park does not have a long history, but Xigu was already famous for its beautiful scenery in the 19th century. You can find basketball court and several fitness equipment for exercise inside this park

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