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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Binjiang Business Street) – China Longest Shopping Street

Until today its already about 3 months i have been in Tianjin. Incidentally some of my Indonesian friends invite me to go for dinner and having fun together. We went together for a walk into the most crowded place in Tianjin which is 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Binjiang Avenue / Binjiang Business Street). With well-stocked shops, Chinese-Western architectural buildings and crowded people made up the bustling metropolis while tourists regard this area as one the most famous shopping areas in Tianjin. This place is one of must visited place in Tianjin. From what i know, this place recorded as the longest shopping street in China (maybe also longest in the world? hmmm… i am not really sure). I am sure if you want to explore all the stores along this road it could take couple of days. I myself very often come to Binjiang Dao to just have dinner, hang out or window shopping with my girlfriend and my friends.

滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Binjiang Business Street)

Address : Binjiang Dao, Heping District, Tianjin, China
How to Go :
Line 1 – 营口道 Ying Kou Dao
– Bus
滨江道‎ (3,45,50,503,600,606,631,632,641,643,650,657,659,669)
滨江道站 ‎(35,90)
崇仁里(山西路) (650, 838)
山西路‎ (45,669)
滨江商厦(山西路)‎ (610,611,652)
山东路(赤峰道)‎ (611,650,808,838)

This place also known as as Enormous Street, this area of Tianjin is loaded with shops of every description. Binjiang Dao Business Street and Heping Lu Business Street are the busiest and most prosperous shopping centers in Tianjin. After Heping Road was beautified in 2001, it has become the longest commercial pedestrian street in China. Most of top shopping malls or department stores can be found on these two streets. Inside Binjiang Dao area you can also found a food street, if you want to grab some snacks while shopping.

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