Travel in China (Tianjin) : 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu Tianlun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street)

Last Week, my girlfriend’s sister came to Tianjin. Because of that, recent days i and my girlfriend take her walk arround Tianjin. Today, i go together with them walking arround to 3 beautiful places in Tianjin, which are 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu TianLun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street) & 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Scenery). Honestly, i already go to all of these places before. Unfortunately it was going to rain when i went out from my dormitory. And its true, while in the bus on the way to Gu Wen Hua Jie, its was already rained. Because of rain, i decide to go Tian Jin Eye first before go to the 2 other places. Because Tian Jin Eye is the only places we can shelter from the rain. I go by bus 846路 and down at 大胡同商贸中心‎. From there i take a small vechile arround there to deliver us to 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye). It’s cost about 10 RMB.

天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu TianLun (Tian Jin Eye)

Address : Wuma Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, China
Phone : 022-2324 0371
Open Hour : 09:30 – 21:30
Ticket Price : 60 元
How to Go :
It’s quite far from the nearest bus stop to go there. So it will be more convenient if you use taxi, but if you want to go by bus can stop at this following bus stop :
世纪天乐‎ Shi Ji Tian Yue (954)
永乐桥‎ Yongle Qiao (516)
泰达城‎ Tai Da Cheng‎ (516)
天弈商城‎ Tian yi shangcheng (653, 829)

Tianjin Eye is a 120 metre tall giant Ferris wheel built above the Yongle Bridge, over the Hai River in Tianjin. This place is really awesome, because the wheel to have been constructed over a bridge. Tian Jin Eye is the fourth taller Ferris wheel after London Eye Star of Nanchang and Singapore Flyer. Tianjin Eye has 48 passenger capsules, each able to carry 8 passengers, and takes 30 minutes to complete a rotation. Ride this ferris wheel is really great. You can see Tian Jin City from above. I came here twice, in the afternoon and night. It’s more beautiful if you ride at night.

Ancient Culture Street Guwen Huajie (古文花街)

Address : Gongnan Main Street, Nankai District, Tianjin, China
Open Hour : 09:00-17:00
Ticket Price : Free
How to Go : No nearest MRT station arround this place. So the possible transport you can take is by bus or taxi. If you want to go by bus you can take these following bus
通北路‎ Dong Bei Lu (34,172,653)
东北角‎ Dong Bei Jiao (1,4,5,15,24,155,609,619,641,646,658,670,671,672)
北城街‎ Bei Cheng Jie (610,611,632,633,670,824)
新安购物‎ Xin An Gou Wu (37,628,837,840,849)

This place is the most popular tourist attractions in Tian Jin based on the brochure i usually seen in Tour Travel Agents. Among the tourist attractions in Tian Jin, Ancient Culture Street is one of the places must be visited. This is a Chinatown place where the buildings are all built based on traditional China architecture. It looks and feels just like stepping into the 19th century in ancient China. The streets hold many delights for shopping and sightseeing. There are a lot of unique item you can buy here.

Queen Heaven Palace

Next to the Ancient Culture Street there is a glass bridge that is very unique. Coincidentally today I visited this place at night. Actually I have visitied this place four times, but only this time I come here at night. Unexpectedly, the scenery at this place at night is extraordinarily good. Moreover, there is also the music and the fountain that blew from the river.

From this place I went on a trip to Italian Style Town along the Hai He River. Unfortunately i don’t take picture here this time. To see the more detail of this place, you can see my previous post about Italian Style Town.

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  1. Vendy,

    I am Ivan from Jakarta, Indonesia. Could you please tell me if I start from my apartment at Bo mei yuan (front of Tesco), what number bus i should take to go these interesting places. Are you from Indonesia?

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Hi vendy,

    Saya jg kuliah di cina, ambil di beijing..saya ada rencana dgn teman2 mau jalan ke tianjin..saya bs minta no km yg bs dhubungi..krn saya butuh informasi dr km..tlg kirim pesan km ke
    thx, bro..


  3. halo noviar. salam kenal. waduh. saya posisi sudah gak di tianjin. saya udah pulang indo januari lalu. hehehe.