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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 南市食品街 Nan Shi Shipin Jie (Nanshi Food Street)

July 13th, 2011

Two days ago my girlfriend go with her sister to Beijing.  These 2 days, i spend my time at my room playing games, reading books and relearn some Mandarin. Because i get bored in the room whole day, so i decide to go take a walk arround Tianjin today. After looked the map, i decided to go to one scenic spot called 南市食品街 Nan Shi Shipin Jie (Nanshi Food Street). From my campus, i go by MRT and get off at 二纬路‎ er wei lu. From there, i walk arround at several small park near there. There are 2 small park next to MRT station, which are 翔宇公园 (Xiangyu Park) & 南开公园 (Nankai Park). After walk arround about 30 minutes, i go to Nanshi Food Street.

南市食品街 Nan Shi Shipin Jie (Nanshi Food Street)

Address : Shenyi Street, Heping District, Tianjin, China
Phone : –
Open Hour : –
Ticket Price : Free
How to Go :
If you go by bus, you can get off at this following bus stop :
南市食品街 Nan Shi Shi Pin Jie (155, 177, 606, 634, 642, 651, 652, 659, 670, 671, 672, 675, 681, 801)
慎益大街‎ Shen Yi Dajie (161, 168, 635, 657, 669, 855, 865)

Tianjin Nanshi Food Street where a variety of food shops converge is a quadrate divided into four quarters by a decussation with arc glass roof, surrounded by a several meters high wall with four gates of Qing Dynasty style. First heard the name of this place i imagine this place would be similar with 滨江道 Binjiang Dao Food Street or 北京王府井 Beijing Wangfujing Food Street. It surprised me a little when i gets there. Apparently this place is not as i imagine. Nanshi Food Street is a big building where there are several snack counter in it. You couldn’t find any snack snacks such as sausages, satay, corn, sweet potatoes, candied or else. The only snacks available there are those that may be more suitable for souvenirs than eaten on the spot. There are also several restaurants inside the building. By the way you can find a lot of variety of food here, from Tianjin local snacks, Beijing roast duck, Guangdong sea food, Sichuan hotpot, Muslim food, old Chinese royal recipe…to western food such as Italian and Russian dishes.

After walking arround here for about 5 minutes, I went out and continued my travel to Ayd Furnishing Home Mall.

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