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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 北宁公园 Beining Gongyuan (Beining Park)

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Today’s weather is very sunny. Very convenient for a walk. Today with my girlfriend, I decided to take a walk to the park in the northern city of Tianjin called 北宁公园 Beining Gongyuan (Beining Park). The park is quite bit far from my campus. Because i mistaken take the wrong bus, it takes nearly two hours to go to the parks. But i feel okay for this, because I was too busy chatting with my girlfriend during the trip. Two hours of trip doesn’t feel too long. From campus, I take MRT to the station 勤俭 道. From there I actually took the correct bus 45路 but I was wrong to take the opposite direction. As a result I have to go around the city before go to this Beining park. Though it takes only 4 bus stops only if I took the right direction.

北宁公园 Beining Gongyuan (Beining Park)

Address : Yuhong Road, Hebei, Tianjin, China
Phone : 022-26432406
Open Hour : 06:00-17:00
Ticket Price : Free
How to Go :
Take bus and down at :

盐坨桥‎ (47, 48, 177, 602, 619, 641, 670, 671, 675, 901, 908, 911, 912)

This park was first built in 1906. Located to the east of Tianjin North Railway Station, Beining Park was originally built in 1906 for botanical purposes. This park could easily elevate to shrine status, especially during spring when the trees and flowers begin to bloom with incomparable color. Ponds and pavilions linked by 29 arch bridges suffuse the entire park with a keen sense of serenity, making it the ideal spot for a quick city escape. The park’s main feature, the Zhiyuan Pagoda, extends 244 feet high. It can be scaled by either stairs or elevator. Carved murals on the pagoda’s inside walls are worthy of attention too.

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