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Travel in China Day 6 (Shanghai) : The Bund, Nanjing Road, People’s Park

October 22nd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

List of tourist attraction visited today :
– The Bund
– Nanjing Road
– People’s Park

This is the last day of my trip to 南方 Nan Fang (South China). Totally we already visited 4 cities which are 南京 Nanjing, 黄山 Huangshan, 杭州 Hangzhou and 上海 Shanghai. So today is not only my last day in Shanghai, but also the last day of my trip. We arrived at Shanghai at noon yesterday. We already went to The Bund by ourselves yesterday, and today our tour group brought us to The Bund again. Because of this, at least we know the Bund scenery during the night and during the day light.

南京路 Nanjing Lu (Nanjing Road)

From The Bund, we go to one of the busiest shopping street in the world, Nanjing Road. Actually there are two Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. But, Nanjing Road East is the largely pedestrianised section. There are a lot of stores, restaurant, cafe and shopping mall here. It’s similar to Bin Jiang Shopping Street in Tianjin.

Because there were still enough time to walk before we were delivered to Shanghai Pudong Station, we continue to walk until People’s Square. There is a park there, called People’s Park. We sit for a while and enjoy the atmosphere there.

We finally gathered again at 1 o’clock. Then we were delivered to Shanghai Pudong Train Station. We went back to Tianjin by CRH Bullet Train again and the train departed at 5:15. We have to wait about more than 3 hours before the train leaves. Overall, this trip is quite fun, although there is little time wasted due we have to visit several places that are not important. Maybe in the future, I want to travel again without using tour agent.

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