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Travel in China Day 5 (Hangzhou, Shanghai) : Wan Song Academy, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund

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List of tourist attraction visited today :
– Wan Song Academy
– Oriental Pearl TV Tower
– The Bund

After visited several beautiful place in Hangzhou yesterday, we still had one place to visit in Hangzhou for today. We departed from the hotel around 7 o’clock in the morning. And our destination is 万松书院 (Wan Song Academy), the place where we can see chinese classical story of “Romeo and Juliet” in real life.

万松书院 WanSong ShuYuan (Wan Song Academy)

This place was built at Ming Dynasty at 1498. It has longest history and deepest infection on Hangzhou. It was school of 梁山伯 (Liang Shan Bo) and 祝英台 (Zhu Ying Tai) who fell in love there. And the story about great love between them has spread around the world and recognize as Chinese version of “Romeo and Juliet” story. Nowadays, Wan Song Academy is more famous for holding Blind Date each weekend. This place is filled with lovely house nestled harmoniously into the surrounding rocks and forest hidden up on top of the mountain. This is a beautiful and peaceful place, and the light was just perfect.

Actually, i want to spent more time in this place. I really love this place. This place is so peaceful and relaxing. When i and my girlfriend were walking around at the mountain of the academy, our tour guide suddenly called and asked us to gather at the front gate. This was the last place we visited in Hangzhou. From here, we then headed to 上海 (Shanghai), our last destination city. I thought that Hangzhou is near from Shanghai, but we need couple of hours before arrived at Shanghai. After had some lunch in the middle of the trip, we finally arrived at Shanghai at 2:30.

上海 Shanghai : The Most Advanced and Modern City in China

There is only one impression when we arrived in Shanghai. This city is modern. Compared to Beijing (the capital of China), this city is far more modern. There are very a lot of skyscrapers and tall building everywhere.

shanghai skyscrapers

Our first stop in Shanghai is a factory. We saw a demonstration of a sharp knife promotion there. There are also a lot of goods and foods on the exit gate of the factory. We bought some chocolates and electronic tools there. From this place, we continue our journey to next factory. This time is silk factory. We see a various of silk products from blanket, clothes, and many others. Actually, i hate if i have to go to the place like this. It’s really wasting a time. This is one of many reason why i hate traveling via a tour agent.


From silk factory, we continue our journey to a parking lot in Shanghai. We stop for a while there and take some pictures.


From this place, we continue our journey to the center of Shanghai city. We stopped at a building where the Shanghai Acrobatic Show was held. Some of people in the tour group were watching that show there. Because i decided not to buy the ticket, i with my girlfriend take a walk by ourselves around that area. The spot where the bus stop is very near to Oriental Pearl Tower, one of the most popular building in Shanghai.

oriental pearl tower shanghai
shanghai city at night

We were hanging around on those area. There are some mall, restaurant and cafe around Oriental Pearl Tower. The view of the city at night is so beautiful. There are also a big Apple Store in underground. It’s so cool. Because it’s so fun walking around there, we did not notice that the acrobatic show had finished. Our tour guide once again looked for us and called us to immediately got back to the bus to continue the journey. However, I was a bit disappointed. Apparently after watching Acrobatic Show, there is no other tourist destination we would visit. From Acrobatic Show building, the bus directly headed to hotel. Hotel where we stayed at Shanghai was very far away. From the city center, we should take approximately 1 hour drive to the hotel. Finally we arrived at the hotel around 7 pm.

After checked in, we bought some drinks on the supermarket in front of the hotel and took a rest for a while. On 8 o’clock i and my girlfriend decided to take a walk by ourselves. One of the most beautiful scenery in Shanghai is The Bund. So we decided to go to The Bund this night. Because there was MRT (in Shanghai it is known as Metro) in front of the hotel, then we used MRT to go to The Bund. Shanghai MRT cost is far more expensive than Beijing MRT cost. I must paid around RMB 10 to go from hotel to nearest MRT to The Bund. As comparison, Beijing MRT cost is only RMB 2 for all destination.

We departed from Youyi Rd metro station. To go to The Bund, we must switch line from yellow line to blue line  . Based on the Shanghai Metro Map, we could switch the line on Hongkou Football Stadium. But that time, we couldn’t find the blue line on the metro station. After we read the sign and asked to metro officer, we finally got out from metro station and we just realized that the blue line metro station was not on the same location in yellow line metro station.  We finally had to paid 10 RMB again to continue our trip to the Bund. We finally got off at Yuyan Garden metro station. It’s still quite far from The Bund. We have to walk about 15 minutes to the side of the river. I just realized later, that it would closer if i got off at Nanjing Road metro station.

外滩 Waitan (The Bund)

The Bund or also known as East Zhongshan 1st Road is a waterfront area beside Huangpu River in central Shanghai. From here you can see Oriental Pearl Tower from distance. The view is incredibly beautiful. This area is for hundred years known as the symbol of Shanghai. The other attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 26 various buildings of different european architectural styles.

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