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Travel in China Day 4 (Hangzhou) : Thousand Island Lake, Hangzhou Tea House, Yue Fei Temple, West Lake, Night of West Lake Show

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List of tourist attraction visited today :
– Thousand Island Lake
– Hangzhou Tea House
– Yue Fei Temple
– West Lake
– Qinghefang Pedestrian Street
– Night of West Lake Show

After a very tired day climbing Huangshan mountain yesterday, we must wake up early today to continue our trip to the next city. We departed from our hotel at 6 o’clock and heading to Hangzhou by bus. Along the way, we visited a very famous scenery place in China, 千岛湖 Qiandao Hu (Thousand Island Lake). This place located at Zhejiang, China. After about 3 hours of trip, we finally arrived at Thousand Island Lake.

千岛湖 Qiandao Hu (Thousand Island Lake)

Qiandao Hu is known as the hometown of Sun Quan, Emperor of Wu kingdom in Three Kingdoms Era. When i search on the internet, i just know that Thousand Island receives about 5 million tourists annually and it has been honored as one of the three best tourism areas in China, besides the capital Beijing and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The Thousand-Island Lake is also honored as “World’s Garden City” and “China’s Best Preserved Ecological Town“. But honestly, based on my opinion i feel that the honor titles are a little bit too much. There are a lot of a place like this in my country. So even it is beautiful, but i don’t think that this place is extraordinary and make it as a place you can’t missed when when you go to China.

thousand island lake

After arrived at the place, we directly enter the boat and ride on it to one of an island in Thousand Island Lake. I like the atmosphere in this place. It is really comforting.

qiandao hu boat


We finally arrived at an island in Thousand Island Lake. There some attractions in this island include People’s Commune 70, People’s Commune 80, People’s Commune 90 and Natural Museum.








To go to each place, we use  small car that can carry about 10 people. First place we headed that time was Natural Museum.

thousand island lake car

In Natural Museum, we see some traditional tools that was used by people in the past. We also eat some traditional tofu that made by a woman in there.




From Natural Museum, we go to 70 Commune area. There is a house where there are a lot of  Mao Zedong picture and some of his quote inside.





70 Commune is the latest place we visit in Thousand Island Lake. From 70 Commune area we went back to the starting point using the boat we used before. We had lunch at the restaurant hundred metres from there. After lunch, we continue our journey to 杭州 Hangzhou.

杭州 Hangzhou : Most Romantic City in China

Hangzhou is recognized as the most romantic city in China. There are a lot of legendary love story that comes from this city, such as Sam Pek Ying Tai, White Snake Legend, Love Story of Suxiaoxiao and Yuanyu, etc. Hangzhou is one of the most important tourist city destination in China. There is a popular saying “Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below“. Hangzhou’s heavenly beauty attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit this city each year. We finally enter Hangzhou around 3 o’clock and our first stop is at Hangzhou Tea House. Hangzhou is famous of its tea. I see a lot of tea plantation on the left and right of way along the journey.

hangzhou tea house

From Tea House, we continue our journey to Yue Fei Temple. Yue Fei Temple location is very near to 西湖 Xi Hu (West Lake).

Yue Fei Temple

This temple is also well known as Tomb of General Yue Fei. Yue Fei is one of the most famous general in China history. Yue Fei is a general who successfully led his followers against an invasion by the Manchus in the 12th century. Unfortunately, He was poisoned by a jealous general who surrendered to the Manchus. He died at 39 years old. Because of his heroic story, his tomb was built.









西湖 Xi Hu (West Lake)

This is the most famous attraction in Hangzhou. West Lake actually is man-made and created after the Chinese love for garden style parks for recreation. In the middle of the lake we could see from distance several famous towers, one of them is Lei Feng Tower, the tower in White Snake Legend story.





Lei Feng Tower – Legendary tower in the story of White Snake Legend

After arrived at the other side of Xihu, we then had to wait until 7:00 to watch Night of West Lake Show. Because there were 2 hours more of time, we spent our time by window shopping at this area. This area called as Qinghefang Pedestrian Street. There are a lot of shopping center in this block. We also grabbed some snack and had a dinner before the show began.

Qinghefang Pedestrian Street


西湖液 Xihu Ye (Night of West Lake Show)

Beside Impression West Lake and The Romance of the Song Dynasty, Night of West Lake Show is one of the most popular night show in Hangzhou. Songs, dances, opera, acrobatics and stunts are integrated to present the ancient civilization and customs of Hangzhou. There are total 5 story in this show which are : Soldiers Training Performance by Wuyue Ruler, The Prosperity of Southern Song Dynasty, The Romance of Liangzhu, Artistic Qiantang and Get Together at the West Lake.




After watched the Night of West Lake Show, we went to the hotel. Today, we spent a night at Hangzhou. The hotel is quite far from the city. From Qinghefang Pedestrian Street, it needs about 1 hour to go to the hotel.

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