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Travel in China Day 3 (Huangshan) : Climbing Huangshan Mountain

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I was too tired to write a blog post after climbing 黄山 Huangshan mountain yesterday. So, i just wrote the journey now. On the third day, we departed from our hotel around 7 o’clock and we would climb Huangshan mountain. We switched the bus at the bus station and then go to Huangshan mountain starting point. When arrived, the tour guide ask to us about what way we want to choose. There are two options which are the easy way (cable car) or the hard way (walking). The hard way is climbing the mountain by foot and it is totally free of charge. Meanwhile the easy way is go to the top of the mountain by using RMB 75 cable car. Because i see all the young people in our tour group choose to walk, then i and my girlfriend choose the same way.

huangshan mountain

This is where we start to climb at Huangshan Mountain

Then the journey to climb the highest mountain i ever climbed begin… (Maybe i might be a bit dramatized. But honestly, i never been so tired climbing a mountain than this. Hahaha…)



huangshan mountain climbing

 seems my girlfriend was stronger than me

 just 30 minutes walking and i already very tired


 We must reached White Goose Ridge in 3 hours and we run out of time. hahaha…




 This is the first stop i can rest for a while. But the journey still long

Me and my lovely girlfriend


 We were so unlucky because could not see the cloud below the mountain. The sky was very bright that time and there is no cloud at all. What make Huangshan famous is its scenery when we can see cloud below the mountain.










On the way home, i chose to ride Cable Car. I was too tired that time and i could not walk anymore. I just wondering maybe it would be more better if i take the cable car since beginning and go down by walking. It would be a lot easier. But this will become a unforgettable experience. The most tired climbing experience ever in my life. Hahaha…



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