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Travel in China Day 1 (Nanjing) : Bailuzhou Park, Confucius Temple, Aqua City Mall

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List of tourist attraction visited today :
– Bailuzhou Park
– Confucius Temple
– Aqua City Mall

Yeyyyy…… This day has finally came. Hmmm….. Actually, It is not a holiday season in my college. But i decide to skip the class to go on vacation for a week. I decided not to wait until the holiday season to go on vacation, because holiday season will come in winter season, which is not a good idea to go on vacation. The temperature in most of city in mainland China around -10 to 5 degree in December or January. So, after ask around couple times in Tianjin, i finally chosen one travel agent and decide to take a trip with my girlfriend to South China (南方 Nan Fang). Total cost for this trip is RMB 1,854 ($ 290). In this trip, we will visit 4 city in South China, which are 南京 Nanjing, 黄山 Huangshan, 杭州 Hangzhou and 上海 Shanghai in 5 nights 6 days. We departed from my dormitory around 6 o’clock to 天津西站 (Tianjin West Railway Station) by taxi. We spent RMB 58 for the taxi and arrived at Railway Station around 6:30. Actually, this is the first time i visit Tianjin West Railway station, because i usually go to the other station 天津站 (Tianjin Railway Station) to go to 北京 Beijing.

tianjin west railway station

We gathered with another local people who also travel with the same destination. They sign up through different tour agent, but we went together to Nanjing by CRH Bullet Train. After waiting around 30 minutes, we finally passed the security check and enter the train. To go from Tianjin to Nanjing we need around 5 hours by Bullet Train. Previously, i already check the price ticket, if i have to buy the train ticket by myself. The price is RMB 268.

We departed from Tianjin West Railway Station about 7:20. After one hours of trip, i just realize that my bag is missing. And then i just realized that i probably forgot to take the bag when we passed security check at Tianjin West Railway Station. I became panic and i tried to call the tour agent to help me. But they seems didn’t want to responsible for this incident. Realize that i couldn’t depend to them, then i asked my roommate to help me. Finally, my roommate with some of my Indonesian friend go to the station and found the bag. After the station officer confirmed by asked several question about what inside the bag, my friend was allowed to bring my bag to dormitory. I suddenly relieved that time. We finally arrived at Nanjing Station around 1 o’clock. Our tour guide brought orange flag and waited at Nanjing Railway Station exit gate. We was picked up by a car and go to the hotel with other six local peoples. We stayed at Home Inn and checked in around 2 o’clock. After we checked in, the tour guide left us and give us a free time to take a walk around Nanjing as we want. After took a rest for half hour, we then went out from the hotel and there is a very large place called Confucius Temple Scenic Area beside the hotel. Confucius Temple Scenic Area is a very large area where there is Confucius Temple in the middle and there are some park around it. And we enter from Bailuzhou Park.

白鹭周园 Bailuzhou Yuan (Egret Island Park)

This is the east side of Confucius Temple Scenic Area. The Bailuzhou Park or sometimes called as Egret Island Park located behind the Confucius Temple in Nanjing.  There are lots of architechtures in the park, left from these ancient Chinese dynasties. The park is very close to the Qinhuai River and Confucius Temple. What that make this place is different to other place is the river. You will feel a completely different atmosphere in this place. I can’t found a place like this in Tianjin. It’s very beautiful.

confucius temple in nanjing


confucius temple scenic area


confucius temple scenic area map




city wall in bailuzhou nanjing


We continued our journey to Confucius Temple across some street. We also spent some time visiting Confucius Temple traditional market.

confucius temple traditional market

After looking around for ten minutes, we go out and continue our trip. We finally arrived at Confucius Temple.


夫子庙 Fuzi Miao (Confucius Temple)

I think this place is one of the center where Nanjing people want to hang out. This place is very crowded. This place is a shopping market packed inside the historic buildings that makes for a popular place to visit in Nanjing, both in night or day. In the gate, we can find a lot of counter selling snacks. We took our time to try some snack here. Inside the area, you can find several famous fast food restaurant and cafe like Hagendaz, StarbucksPizza Hut, KFC, etc.

confucius temple market


confucius temple

We spent several hours shopping in this place and bought some gift for our friends in Tianjin. Talking with Nanjing people make me confuse. What they use is not 普通话 (standard chinese language). So it’s kinda difficult when we want to  bid on the items we want to buy. After several hours, it was already dark here, and we continue our trip to other place. Near Confucius Temple, we found a very unique mall called Aqua City.

Aqua City

This mall has a very unique concept. Like what it said in the name, almost all of part in this mall is contain of water. There always a pool or fontain in every part on the mall, including shop, restaurant or cafe. I personally enjoyed walk around in this mall. After satisfied spent some time in this mall, we decide to went back to the hotel.

aqua city in nanjing



During our way back to the hotel, we enjoyed beautiful scenery along Qinhai River. Altough it’s a bit tired, but we were very happy today.

qinhai river nanjing at night


beautiful scenery at night in nanjing






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