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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing ( Italian Style Town)

About 3 weeks ago, my roommate said he just went with his friend to the 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Style Town / Italian Scenery). And he told me that the place is very romantic and extraordinarily good. I’m frankly so curious to go there. Therefore when i am in the class, i casually conferred with other Indonesian friends to go there. After being delayed for up to 2 weeks, finally yesterday I went to the Italian Style Town. Before go to this place, we take a walk in 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Bin Jiang Ave). After crossed the 北安桥 Beian Qiao (Beian bridge), finally we arrived at Italian Scenery. This place really different compared to other place in Tianjin. Being there, i felt like i was not at China but at Italy.

意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Style Town)

Address : Shengli Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, China
Ticket Price : Free
How to Go :
– Bus
平安街‎ Ping An Jie (14,27,621,635,639,640,663,802,805,836,841,870,K868)
北安桥‎ Bei An Qiao (5,8,27,462,621,638,645,663,672,676,802,806,832,801,905)
意式风情区(进步道)‎ Yi Da Li Feng Qu (634)
博爱道‎ Bo Ai Dao (17,663,K832)

Italian Style Town is the small place that contain several western restaurants inside. This place is a completely different places than the other places in Tian Jin. Being here, you’ll feel you’re not in China, but in Europe. This is because all the buildings in this place was built based on Europe architecture and architecture are close to the river Haihe . It was built in the early 1900s not far from the City center. There is a good selection of bars and restaurants. Giving this part of the city a European flavour. If you want to come to this place, i highly recommended to visit at the time when sky was already dark (above 8 o’clock). This place looks very beautiful because so many lights around Europe buildings combine with several western shop that sell unique item.

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