Travel in China (Tianjin) : 鼓楼 Gulou (Drum Street)

It has been about a month i lived in Tianjin. Although it’s been a month here, i had never been to a place far from my campus.  I usually just take a walk around campus and nearby places only. Winter has passed, but the temperature is still very cold here. The temperature is slightly cooler than my hometown, Batu. It’s about 15 degree celcius. Today, I together with my girlfriend, 5 Indonesian friends and 2 Turkish friends take a a walk into one of the most famous tourist destination in Tianjin (We called it as Chinatown), which is 古文化街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street). At first we wanted to go to Guwen Huajie. But because while on the way we saw a unique place known as 鼓楼 Gulou (Drum Street), we finally came down from the bus at this place .

鼓楼 Gulou (Drum Street)

Address: Gulou South Street, Nankai, Tianjin, China
Open Hour: 08:30 – 22:00
Ticket Price: Free
How to Go:
You can go taxi or take Bus and stop at 鼓楼‎ using 161,611, 635,652,657,855,863,865 bus

Actually, compared with 古 文化 街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street), this place has some similarities. With the ancient construction style of Qing Dynasty, all the building here are built with China oriental architecture. This place is divided into the 4 street on every side where a building named Drum Street become its axis. The four street are South Street (Tianjin Flavor Street), North Street (Antique Street), East Street (Boutique Street) and so on. It is an ideal place for shopping.

There are a lot of shop that sells antique and unique items here. I bought 三国演义 Romance of Three Kingdoms Books and some calligraphy brush here. My girlfriends also bought a book and calligraphy brush too. Almost all my friends bought calligraphy brush too. We all bought the calligraphy brush preparing to attend at chinese calligraphy class at campus.

Although the air is quite cold, we stroll this area about more than 1 hour. Actually, nothing special can be found in this area. Most of shop is selling souvenirs and chinese antique items. But i love the atmosphere of this place. The building architecture is really oriental. One unique thing i found in this area is a painter who can draw our face by only paying her a few Yuan. My friend Vina who interested ask a painter to draw her. The result is quite good. The drawing is similar to Vina’s face.

After walking around Gulou about more than 1 hours, we finally go home. It’s really fun to take a walk with friends, especially accompanied by my girlfriend.

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