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Travel in China : 吴桥江湖文化城 Wuqiao Jianghu Wenhua Cheng (Wuqiao Acrobatics World in Wuqiao Cultural River and Lakes)

Today I join the travel tour organized by the school with all the disciples of Foreign Student that currently learning in 天津科技大学 Tian Jin Ke Ji Da Xue (Tian Jin University of Science and Technology). Together with approximately 30 other people, we depart from our campus by bus. During the trip, one of my college teachers say that today we will see a Chinese Acrobatics Show at the Wuqiao. 吴桥 Wuqiao has been known as the hometown of acrobatics. One local folk rhyme explains : “All the people including the 99-year-old senior ones and the toddlers are good at acrobatics.” With many outstanding acrobats, Wuqiao is known as the “cradle of the world acrobatic arts”. I myself also ever watched the show several times when the group of acrobatics artists from China came to Indonesia. So far, China is famous as the place of origin of the great acrobatic artists. It is interesting to see the acrobatic show in its original place. After traveling for 2 hours more, I finally arrived. The place i visited this time called 吴桥江湖文化城 Wuqiao Jianghu Wenhua Cheng (Wuqiao River and Lakes Cultural City).

吴桥江湖文化城 Wuqiao Jianghu Wenhua Cheng (WuQiao River and Lakes Cultural City)

Address: Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Beijing-Fuzhou Wuqiao Road
Phone: 15030726266 / 13643278175
Open Hours: 8:30-12:00 am and 13:50-15:30 pm
Ticket Price : 160 元
How to Go :
Wuqiao located is 320 km south of Beijing, high-speed travel three hours; from Tianjin 220 km high-speed travel two hours; north of Jinan, 120 km high-speed travel 50 minutes; from Taishan, Qufu were two hours’ drive within; west of Shijiazhuang 220 km, two-hour trip; can say, Wuqiao Acrobatics World in Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Shandong four places the center of the region around the best travel destinations.

WuQiao Rivers and Lakes Cultural City is an unique architectural style of the Ming and Qing pavement cultural buildings. The building there is built with classic china empire architecture. Wuqiao Acrobatic World was built in 1993. With the incorporation of folk customs, performances, recreations and exchanges, the charm of acrobatics can be viewed here. There are eight main spots including the Jianghu Culture City, the Acrobatic Palace, the Magic Palace, the Acrobatic Custom Garden, and the Funny Zoo. In Wuqiao Acrobatic World, you can enjoy the history, magic and power of acrobatics. After walking through the front gate of the building, and looked arround several Ming characteristics small buildings, we finally seen the first show. There also some fortune teller you can asked arround there.

Super Human that can break stone and eat sword

The show started with a middle-aged man who demonstrated his kungfu skill. He uses his head to destroy bricks and use his bare hand to destroy stone. He also demonstrated his immune body when he cut some vegetable on his own belly with a sharp machete. After first old man, then the second old man appear. He perform a very unusual show. After eating several iron balls, he also put a sword into his mouth. The most remarkable, when he put the nail into his nose and suddenly appeared in his eyes. After the second old mand, a young man perform his immunity legs and arms with climb several knife ladder up to approximately 20 feet in height. After the first show finished, i was guided by a tour guide leading to the next perfomance.

3 Bowl Games

The next show is a game of dexterity. In this show, one old man was sitting behind a table where there are three bowls on it. The show was a bit boring because the artists tell a lot of storytelling than demonstrate his skill. But overall, the hand speed he showed is good enough to make people admire. After approximately 20 minutes, the show finally ended. We were then guided into the next small building to enjoy the show.

Magic Product Selling

The games displayed here are only tricks using cards and mugs. I think actually it’s not a show, but a sales demonstration. Because after the show that approximately only 5 minutes, we were offered to buy a box of magic tools. From here, we followed the tour guide again to see the Bike in Sephiral Cage Show.

Bike in Sephiral Cage

This performance is quite astonishing. At the beginning of the show, a girl riding a bike around the ball laterally for several rounds. When finished, a man show and riding his motorcycle around the ball vertically for several rounds. And finally a man again came in and rode motorcycles along with the first rider in a vertical round balls simultaneously. It was a thrilling show. From here, our journey continues to the Acrobatic Circus Greenhouse.

Acrobatic Circus

Because we go to this place in summer season, i fell really hot when watching the show in this Greenhouse. In this place we saw three performances. The first show is a girl that riding a bicycle with one wheel, the second one is the girls that have incredible strength of feet, and the last is flying acrobatic performances. The most amazing is the second perfomance. A petite girl lying on his back on a long bench and then lift a very heavy urn by his feet. She use her feet to forward, reverse, tilt, vertical turn, and rotate the urn.

After watching this show, we back to the main gate and had lunch at the restaurant there. Fortunately there are some vegetarian menu, so i can have lunch together with the others. After lunch and rest about 1 hour, we continued on to other places to watch the next show.

Animal Circus Amusement Show

The next show is a animal circus amusement show. This circus show is not too special. There’s monkeys show, bear show and a dog who can guess the questions. Next is tiger jump over obstacles show. After the tiger show finished, we are given the opportunity to take a picture with the tiger. Once take pictures sessions completed, we continued our journey towards a theatre building to see the next show.

Red Peony Theatre

From all the perfomances in Wuqiao Acrobatics Worlds i think Red Peony Acrobatic Theatre is the best. In this building we presented some acrobatic performances combined with lights effects. It’s so beautiful. There are about six different performances in Red Peony Theatre. I am really amazed to watch every show here. After approximately 40 minutes the show ended, and we continued to watch the last perfomance whichis a magic show.

Magic Palace

Magic show here combines magic with the show feel of ancient China. There was some magic shows presented, ranging from changing masks opera performances, umbrella shows, card shows, etc… After about 20 minutes of shows, the magic show finally over.

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