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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan and 圆满素食饭馆 Yuanman Restaurant (First Vegetarian Restaurant in Tian Jin)

Today I once again visit several public place in Tian Jin. Because I am a vegan, there is one place i always want to visit when i am in Tianjin. It’s the Vegetarian Restaurant in Tianjin. And yesterday, i use my free time to find Vegetarian restaurant in Tian Jin. Like usual, i was accompanied by my girlfriend today. Vegetarian Restaurant is rather difficult to find here. Unlike my hometown, Surabaya, there are many depots and vegetarian restaurant you can find. In Tian Jin, i’ve only found three vegetarian restaurant from the internet. The first restaurant is the one that i visited yesterday, Yuan Man Restaurant (圆满素食饭馆 Yuanman Sushi Fanguan). Yesterday i use MRT from my campus to 下挖风 Xia Wa Feng station before i continue go to the restaurant by bus. Before i go to the restaurant, I spend a little time to look arround one of Tian Jin parks named People Park (人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan).

People’s Park (人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan)

Address : 29 Huizhou Lu, Hexi District, Tianjin
Phone : 022-2324 0371
Open Hours : 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
Ticket : Free
How to Go :
Line 1 – 下瓦房 Xia Wa Fang (walk to the opposite direction of MRT Station Exit Gate, after meet crossroads turn right, walk along Qiong Zhou Road until you find People Park on the right side of the road)
– Bus
厦门路 Xia Men Lu – SouthSan Gate (175, 606, 608, 678, 866)
人民公园南门 Ren Min Gong Yuan Nan Men – SouthYi Gate (175, 511, 606, 608, 678, 866)
泰达元 Tai Da Yuan – West Gate (4, 619, 632, 657, 803, 866, 953)

This park centrally located and frequently become host of recreational and entertainment activities for Tian Jin people. I entered this park from South San Gate (South East side of the Park). First, i walk to the north section of the park. There are children’s play area here. There are several game machines here. From there i continue my sightseeing to the west side of the garden. Although this park not as big as Shui Shang Gong Yuan, i think this park have a quite good scenery. In the west section of the park there is a small lake called Peacock Garden. The Peacock Garden has unique Dai Nationality architecture and free-roaming peacocks.

After about 30 minutes spent time here, i continue my trip to the Yuan Man Vegetarian Restaurant. By using bus no 678, i finally arrived at the restaurant.

Yuan Man Restaurant (圆满素食饭馆 Yuanman Sushi Fanguan)

Address : Suzhou 112 Dao, Hexi District, Tian Jin
Phone : 022-23022618, 022-81170475
How to Go :
– Bus
红花里 (Hong Hua Li) 619, 678, 826, 953
新华中学 (Xin Hua Zhong Xue) 619, 826

This is the first vegetarian restaurant in Tian Jin. It written on their menu as the motto of the restaurant. First, i imagine that this restaurant would be empty of visitors. Since I found out that the people here don’t understand to much about vegetarian, so i think there were not to many vegan people here. But after entered this restaurant, i was a little shocked. There are not a few people who ate there. In my opinion, the place was not too bad. Pretty good in fact. Today I ordered three dishes, which is Western Fried Rice, Mushroom and Lamb Satay Noodle. The most delicious menu was vegetarian i ate Lamb Satay. The Satay here is more delicious than the satay in my country.




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