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Tianjin Metro (MRT) System Map

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One of my favorite transport during my travel abroad is Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or in some place called Subway / Metro. Unfortunately Tianjin Metro (MRT) still far from convenient. There is only 2 line available (Line 1 & Line 9) here and it doesn’t connect each other. So i can’t go to a lot of place in Tianjin by using MRT only. Of course it’s very different if it compared to other city MRT on other city in China like Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. So i depend on bus as my main transport during my stay here. But… although right now MRT in Tianjin can’t be used conveniently, in the future Tianjin will have a very good MRT System. I can see from the MRT system map plan. Today i will share to you about Tianjin Metro (MRT) System Map here.

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And for long term, here are the Tianjin Metro (MRT) System Map

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