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Three Ways to Make You Rich and reach Financial Freedom

Life can’t be separated with a thing called money. Some experts even said that 90% of divorces are rooted in financial problems.

There are six warning signs of financial problem based on Federal Deposit Insurance guidelines

  • Loan payments, excluding mortgages, but including credit card charges, take up more than 20% of your monthly net income.
  • You are close to, or surpass, your credit card limit.
  • You must borrow to make payments on existing loans.
  • You only pay the minimum amount on your bill.
  • Lack of money is forcing you to pay bills late or postpone doctor’s visits.
  • You must work overtime, or take a second job, to cover basic living expenses.

So…. Do you have a problem on list above? If you do, that means that you have financial problem

If you continue much longer on your present path, not only will you never achieve financial freedom, but financial ruin lies ahead. 23 percent of survey respondents said they won’t do anything differently, even if the economy continues to weaken. Hoping for the best isn’t a strategy. Many people are dangerously close to financial disaster!

So…. What you really need to do is changing your way how to making money to solve your financial problem. Have you read Robert T Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad ? If you haven’t i recommend you to read it. This book is one of my first book that really open my mind about financial freedom. Ok… From what Robert T. Kiyosaki said, there are 3 ways to make you rich enough to achieve financial freedom. Almost all of top 100 the richest people in the world make money using these 3 ways. What are they?

– Real Estate and Property

Robert even teaches us how to make money by buying property without any money. But that method can’t implemented to each country, because the credit interest rate in each country is different. But there some method to buy propety without money if you be more creative.

– Stocks, Options, Forex Investing and Trading

Warrent Buffet is one of people who getting very rich by doing this way. The disadvantage of this way is it need quite a large of capital to do. You also need to master very good financial and trading skill before can make some consistent profit from this field. The most dangerous part of this field is the risk of losing all your capital. If you don’t really understand about this, i don’t recommend you to jump in.

– Build Business

The most way which used by people to achieve their financial freedom is building a business. By building a business (not professional job or self employee), you really can achieve your financial freedom. Because of the advance of technology currently, i can divide this field into 2 parts. They are offline business and online business. The disadvantage of offline business is its need a lot of capital to do and the risk is quite big. What i try to build now is the other one, which is online business. Online business means that you built your business in the internet.

For now, i still works on second and the third one. Hope in the future, i can works the first way (Real Estate and Property) too…

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