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Most Recommended Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons for Everyday Use

When talking about internet browsers applications, we will remember 4 big names, which are Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Each internet browser has its advantages and disadvantages. Among four internet browsers, i prefer Firefox and Chrome. Why? Only both of them that was supported by additional add-ons (extensions in Chrome). Because i use Mac OS X, i ever tried to change my default internet browser into Safari. But after 3 weeks of using, i decide back to Firefox. The reason is simple. Safari didn’t have add-ons like Firefox. There are a lot of useful add-ons i usually use while browsing.

mozilla firefox add on

Based on my opinions, one of the Mozilla Firefox superiority among other browsers is the completeness of their add-ons. Even when compared to Google Chrome, i think Firefox Add-ons still more complete than Chrome Extension. But Chrome is growing really fast. There are a lot of developers who create unique extension to support Google Chrome. I think, just in few years Chrome Extension will surpass Firefox Add-Ons.

On this article, i tried to share several of my most favorite add-ons in Mozilla Firefox. If you have something to add, feel free to comment.


I use 1Password as my password manager for my Mac. I don’t use Firefox Saved Passwords Manager, because i feel its safer to use 1Password, because it is protected by a password. I stored all my website login data inside 1Password. This add-ons will store all username and password on each website. So you just need to click 1Password button beside the Address Box when entering website that need a password. This Add-on work in Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

1password addon

Download 1Password

Autofill Forms

This Add-On is very useful to fill each blank field automatically in registration form on each website when you are registering as new member. This really save my time, because i often register to new forum every week. You can also set your data into several different profiles.

autofill forms

Download Autofill Forms

Automatic Save Folder

This simple add-on is useful to automatically select the destination folder for all downloaded file. It can be set based on filename or domain.

automatic save folder

Download Automatic Save Folder


Beside CuteFTP, FireFTP is one of the best FTP Client i ever use. This add-on is one of reason why i love to use Firefox. I usually upload all my file and picture for my blog using this add-on. FireFTP is not decent FTP client. FireFTP includes more advanced features like directory comparison, SFTP, SSL encryption, drag & drop, file hasing, and much more.


Download FireFTP

Flash Video Downloader Youtube Downloader

This is one of cool add-on in Firefox, especially for you who often visit Video website like Youtube. Flash Video Downloader (FVD) helps you to download any video (flv, mp4) from website like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.

Flash Video Downloader

Download Flash Video Downloder


I personally love beautiful design of anything, including internet browser skin. This is the add-on you must install, if you want to see something different in your Mozilla Firefox browser. Personas are free and very easy to install. You can choose skins on Personas database including several themes that popular recently.


Download Personas

Read It Later

This add-ons is very useful to save any article or page you interested to read it later. Read It Later add-on allows you to save pages to a reading list, so you can read it later when you have time.

read it later

Download Read It Later

Shorten URL (Bit.ly)

This simple add-on is very useful if you love to share something on Twitter. This extension use bit.ly to shorten the page url. Just by right click on the page and click on “Shorten URL”, your shortened link will be copied to the clipboard.

shorten url

Download Shorten URL

Translate This!

This help me to translate the whole entire page just by click single button. It save me hundreds milisecond of time than if i have to visit translate.googgle.com and copy paste the website page address to it.

translate this

Download Translate This!

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