The Moral Lesson from Arthur Movie (When we face a difficulty, that time we will learn)

It starts getting very cold here in Tianjin. Today the temperature reach 5°C. That’s why i so rarely go out from my dormitory. Actually today (Wednesday) is the day i usually used to learn mandarin with my chinese friend. But i did not contact her today. So i spent my time by watching a movie after the class. Today i saw a new movie titled Arthur. This is a comedy drama movie tell a story about the story of a billionaire man called Arthur Bach. Because he has always pampered and has never experienced even slightest trouble, then he became a wealthy man who really can not do anything. Everything change until he meet a tour guide called Naomi and he fall in love to her.

Although the film is not exactly very good but there are some very good meaning and moral lesson inside the movie. As we know together, today’s a lot of people who are accustomed to living well because they parent provide everything. In my country, many of my friends who since childhood has been used in an environment that completely fulfilled. Because their family is wealthy family, so they can get everything they want, just mention for example they can get new gadget like iPad or Playstation 3 so easily. They also can traveling to another country since they still child. They also can eat expensive food in the cafe or restaurant. Environment like this is sometimes makes people forget. It would be nice if we can be grateful for all that we have. But we will not have our wealthy life forever. There was also a time when we face the difficulties in life. Sometimes peoples who are already accustomed living well, will complain when faced with little difficulty. Many people like them can not do anything. Although not as bad as Arthur Bach in Arthur movie, but a lot of little things they can not do. For examples of such are some of my friends. A lot of them can’t sweep the floor, can’t clean their own room, and can’t cook fried eggs. Some of them even worst. Don’t say egg, even instant noodle they can not make by themself. This can happen because they always be pampered by their parent since they was child.

In fact, all the capabilities we have actually we got the most when we are suffering or in trouble. Many times we can learn a lot just from unpleasant experiences. Look at the great figures and the success that we’ve read the story. Everything is there who have never experienced difficult circumstances. So if you face a problem or difficulty, do not rush to blame God. But we should be grateful, because God was trying to train us so that we become a stronger person.

It is a remake of the 1981 film

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