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Take a Peek at the Next Generation of Xbox (Xbox 720)

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If we look back 15 years ago, if we talk about gaming industry, we only talk about Nintendo, Sega and Sony. In my childhood, there is only Nintendo who dominate the video games industry. Nobody would thought that Microsoft will become one of giant player in gaming industry now. Today with Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 is one of three big player in seventh generation of video games consoles. One of Microsoft plan for 2013 is to unveil the Xbox next generation (Xbox 720) in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that will be held in Los Angeles on June 2013. As we know, Nintendo’s new console Wii U has achieved a great success on its release last month. It will be a challenge for Microsoft to compete Nintendo in eight generation console war. While waiting for more information about this new console next year, then let’s take a peek at how Xbox 720 look like.

Xbox 720 Images

Greatest Spec of Gaming Hardware

Each new generation of console always come with improvement in specification. New Xbox is rumored to have a quad-core CPU, each divided into four logical cores. It also will use 8Gb of RAM memory. This will make this console as the greatest spec of gaming hardware even in desktop.  The new Xbox will also use a Blu-ray drive as standard. So each single disc can store about 50 Gb. Supported with DirectX 11 technology, new high end graphic video game franchise like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis will run smoothly in Xbox 720. What makes new Xbox interesting is how Windows 8 will influence the console.

Xbox 720 Images

Xbox 720 Controller that similar to Sony PS Vita

Next generation console seems try to bring the game more alive (augmented reality) by design a controller that make the gamer to be more active while playing the games. This already been implemented by Microsoft in XBox 360 through Kinect. In Xbox 720, Microsoft seems will bring the same concept to the new controller with a shape closer to Sony PS Vita. This will be similar to Wii U Controller. The controller is similar to classic controller, but with the screen in the middle of it. So beside control the game via gamepad, you can control it via touchscreen in the middle of the controller.  The controller can also be used as remote control when watching TV, and use it to browse internet.

Xbox 720 Controller

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