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Trader Error caused Biggest Market Drops in History

May 7th, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday is truly the craziest day in the stock exchange history. It’s only happen about half-hours which began shortly after 2.p.m ET and the Dow plunge nearly 1000 points (S&P 500 plunge nearly 100 points) before up again to pare its losses. And all of these seems triggered by a trader error who entered a billion instead of a million for his trade. There still further investigation for this market volatility.

As we can seen together, yesterday is one of the biggest market drops in a day in history. The biggest one day percent drop in history was 22.6% in October 1987. Read more…

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Focus on High Impact Economic Data & Intel Earning

January 14th, 2010 1 comment

Forex EUR/USD Trade

Today gonna be interesting. Today there several important data will be announced.

EUR : 02:00 pm – German Final CPI m/m (M)
EUR : 05:00 pm – Industrial Production m/m (M)
EUR : 07:45 pm – Minimum Bid Rate (H)
EUR : 08:30 pm = ECB Press Conference (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Core Retail Sales m/m (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Retail Sales m/m (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Unemployment Claims (H)

Notes : H : High Impact, M : Medium Impact, L : Low Impact. Timezone = GMT + 7

Read more…

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Beware !!!

October 31st, 2009 No comments

Happy haloween guys. We celebrate with market crash after strong rebound on thursday.

Picture 1

As we can seen, that the chart already break down the support line. MACD show a bearish divergence. Candlestick pattern show a bearish movement.

Picture 2

Volatility Index also break the resistance.

The index movement next week will be interesting.

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Bull Strikes Back

July 18th, 2009 No comments

The market movement last week unpredictable. Good earning data from some big company (Intel, Goldman Sach, etc) seems success to built optimism belong investors. That’s why i cut loss 2 of my bear position as you can see on my previous trade. I speculate for break down signal and enter very small amount of short position of MAR and ES Futures. But it become false signal, after the index rebound strongly after Intel Earning Report. So with the seasonality that take side on bearish (JULY – AUGUST – SEPTEMBER usually be worst months of the year every year), market move the opposite way.

Picture 1 Read more…

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