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Daftar Kode Bank untuk Transfer Dana melalui ATM ataupun Mobile Banking di Indonesia (BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, dll)

April 30th, 2011 52 comments

Melengkapi artikel Swift Code Bank di Indonesia yang saya buat, berikut adalah daftar mengenai Kode Bank berdasarkan ATM Bersama yang biasanya digunakan sebagai pedoman untuk melakukan transfer antar Bank baik melalui ATM ataupun Mobile Banking (m-banking). Semoga membantu…

  • Bank BRI : 002
  • Bank Ekspor Indonesia : 003
  • Bank Mandiri  : 008
  • Bank BNI :  009 Read more…

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How to change your Favicon in your Website / Blog (WordPress & Blogger)

July 19th, 2010 2 comments

A lot of my friends ask me about how to change favicon in their blog / website. If you don’t know what is favicon, favicon is the icon that usually appear on the left side of our title in the tab of our browser. The icon also appear as bookmark icon on your browser. The favicon is more like a logo for your website and it is advised that you use one to make your website more beautiful. I will explain how to add / change the favicon in website and the most used blogging platform (WordPress & Blogger)

Create a Favicon File

The first thing you must do is create a favicon file. You can create this by Photoshop or other graphic design tools you usually use. Icon files usually recognized with ico extention. But, for this you don’t have to use *.ico file , it can be any image file (GIF, PNG or ICO) but make sure the size of the Favicon is not too big or it will make your website become slower to open. Make sure sizes are square, it can be 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 or 128×128 (It’s better not use size larger than 128×128). Read more…

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Re-Learning Web Programming : HTML Basic Guide

April 19th, 2010 4 comments

Some days recently, I rarely updated my blog. In addition to many family issues, now i’m busy re-studying on web programming techniques.This is kinda weird, because i majored in engineering informatics. There I learned a lot about web design programming. Actually, in college, I had time to explore web design techniques ranging from HTML Coding (include old fashioned way using notepad and new ways using third party programs like Dreamweaver or MS Frontpage), Web Database Programming, ASP, PHP, and other techniques. But maybe because since graduated from college until now, i’ve never worked in occupations that require a lot of web programming, I finally forgot.

Read more…

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Investing & Trading Lesson (Part 2) – Basic Knowledge of Investing & Trading – Forex : What is Forex?

March 22nd, 2010 No comments

I will continue about my investing & trading lesson. After you understand the risk i explained in my previous post, the first thing you must learn is about the basic knowledge. Ok…. I will start with Forex. Why Forex? Because, it kinda easy to understand.

Forex Market

Forex (Foreign exchange) market is the oldest market in the world. Forex Market also known as largest market in the world. The market working 24-hours a day from monday 04:00 AM to saturday 04:00 AM (my time is GMT+7). Because of its large volume of transactions every day, forex market is the highest liquidity of all the financial market. Read more…

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Cara Mengisi dan Melaporkan Pajak / SPT Tahunan untuk Pribadi

March 18th, 2010 No comments

Akhirnya SPT 2009 pribadi-ku selesai hari rabu lalu….. Pengurusannya sangat mudah, bahkan tidak perlu antri. Tinggal serahkan SPTnya di KPP kemudian kita langsung dapat tanda terima. Selesai….. 😛 Memang belakangan, semua pengurusan surat-surat yang berkaitan dengan lembaga pemerintahan menjadi jauh lebih mudah daripada 10 tahun yang lalu. Terima kasih pada pemerintah yang terus berupaya meningkatkan kerjanya.

Sedikit membantu rekan-rekan yang masih bingung bagaimana cara mengisi SPT Tahunan untuk Pribadi. Sebenarnya sudah tersedia banyak petunjuk di Internet. Akan tetapi mungkin sebagian besar masih bingung dari mana memulainya. Read more…

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Investing & Trading Lesson (Part 1) – Know & Understand The Risk

January 13th, 2010 No comments

Do you ever heard your friends, families, colleagues said the they got bankrupt after play in Stock, Option or Forex Market? I am sure you frequently hear that, maybe dozen of times, maybe hundreds of times. It’s really true. There some theory said that 90% trader loss in this world. I don’t know exactly is this number really true or not. But the fact about the amount of unsuccess trader much greater than successful one is really true.

I found some interesting stories in the largest forum community in my country, kaskus. In thread posted by acangz, there is a discussion about people experiences after knowing forex trading. Most of them ever got bankrupt. I translated some of these stories in English. Read more…

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Investing & Trading Lesson

January 11th, 2010 3 comments

From today, i tried to post some basic knowledge about investing and trading. This is usefull especially for them who don’t know too much about investing and trading field.

I already attended couple of trading seminar workshop in my country. Average fee of the workshop is about $800 – $2000 here. I’m sure it’s must be more expensive in the other country. And i am totally disagree about this price actually. Why? Because what they teach to us is only the basic. We can get all the material from books or the internet easily. It’s impossible to master this field in just couple of days workshop. Read more…

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How to Open Account on TOS (Think or Swim) for Trading Online

December 31st, 2009 5 comments

In my previous post, i already made a tutorial about how to Open Account on Optionsxpress. And now, here i want to share with you how to open account on Think or Swim (it’s known as TOS). This broker has a lot of advantage than Optionsxpress. So if you already decide to trade with real money, i recommend this broker to use. Most of the time, i use analysis and trade using TOS Desktop (TOS Software).

Picture 3

So why we have to play in TOS? What is the advantage? Read more…

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How to Open Account on Optionsxpress for Online Trading

December 3rd, 2009 6 comments

Many of my colleagues ask me similar question like this “How you can make money on Stocks? How you trade online?” It’s a simple question. But seems, there still lot of people out there who don’t know where they have to start if they want to trading online. For you who totally blind about this field, first i recommend you to understand how the risk investing / trading stock/option/forex/futures/CFDs. The most important thing you must understand is you can loss all your money if you don’t have the correct trading mindset. So the first step to decide you want to enter this field or not is you know the risk and you can afford for the risk. If you ready for that, you can step to the next step. The second step is to learn the basic about investing & trading. There are lot of free knowledge about this in the internet. You also can buy some books about this in the bookstore. I will not explain about this on this post. If you already know about the basic, the third step is to open account on brokers.

For stocks & options, i reccomend 4 online brokers i’ve already tried. They are Optionsxpress, Interactive Brokers, Think or Swim, Tradestation. Some people recommend E*Trade, but i haven’t tried it yet. As i hear last year, this broker didn’t accept Indonesian Trader. That’s why i don’t registered to them. I don’t know how the rule for now. Maybe if i already tried, i will share with you here.

So. From this post, i want to give you a tutorial about how to open account on one of the online brokers i recommended, Optionsxpress.


Read more…

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