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My New Life Journey This Year : Study Chinese Language at Tianjin

February 26th, 2011 2 comments

This year, i try something new on my life. I decide to study chinese language at China. I go there with my girlfriend. In fact, i actually already have the desire to school abroad for a long time. But this dream has just been realized now. I always want to learn Chinese. And i choose 天津 Tian Jin, China as my destination, because there are not much Indonesian people there, so i can improve my chinese language significantly. Beside that, the cost study there is cheaper than study at other city like 北京 Beijing or 上海 Shanghai. On 20 February, I finally arrived at Tianjin . Hmmm …. My initial impression here the air is FREEZZZZINNNGGGG …. The temperature here is below 0. After a half hour drive from the Airport, i finally arrived to my dormitory. First thing to do, i must register my room. It cost about 5,256 CNY (US $ 800) for 5 months stay. Because i can’t talk chinese fluently, i got helped from my friend, Irvhan. After registered, finally I can rest. The room here is quite good for dormitory. It’s more like hotel than a dormitory.

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