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Off Page SEO – Build Backlinks Using Low Authority Social Bookmark Sites (Drigg, Plig, PhpDug, etc)

December 4th, 2012 25 comments

After give tips about building backlinks using social bookmarks websites, here we go again with tips about Social Bookmarks again. If you long enough in Internet Marketing industry, you will understand that there are 2 kind of social bookmarks websites, the high authority social bookmark websites and low authority social bookmark websites. The article i posted before is a list of high authority social bookmark sites. In this opportunity, i will share how to build backlinks using low authority social bookmarks websites. Actually there are several different platform of low authority social bookmark websites, but the most popular are wordpress, drigg (drupal digg), plig and phpdug. This method was proven to be effective to increase the search engine rank in Google. For low competition keyword, submit to several low authority Social Bookmark sites will make your blogs appear in page 1 on Google search engine.

drigg social bookmark websites

Like other social bookmark, these type of social bookmark sites have footprint that can be found easily using Google. Below i will give you tips how to find low authority SB websites in google search.  Read more…

Choose your high traffic keyword for your website with Traffic Travis Free SEO Software Tools

June 24th, 2010 4 comments

SEO is one of the key of our success to increase the traffic to our website. To maximize the impact, we usually research popular keywords and place those keywords to our posting on website. So far, I often use Google Adwords Keyword Tools as a tool for keyword research. But by accidental while browsing today, I found a pretty good software for this keyword research thing. And another great thing of this software, that its is free. You can download this SEO software on Traffic Travis website. This software got high rated SEO Software on Cnet (4.5 stars). So it’s really worth of trying.

After i tried the software so far, i think this software help me much. Compared to just use Google Adwords Keyword Tools, this software have a lot of feature for Market Research, PPC and SEO tools

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