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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 大悲裡院 Dabei Li Yuan (Dabei Buddhist Temple – Monastary of Deep Compassion) & 望海楼教堂 Wanghai Lou Jiaotang (Seafront Tower Church)

August 26th, 2011 No comments

Today is another good day to hang out. So i decide to travel again arround Tianjin. I go out from my dormitory arround 1 o clock after lunch. Today i cooked a new menu, it’s “Nasi Goreng Terasi” (It’s a fried rice cooked with Indonesian vegetarian shrimp seasoning). It’s quite delicious. Hahahaha… Enough talking about food, let’s go back to my today traveling. Today, i visit three diferent places. First i go to the well-known Buddhist Temple in Tianjin 大悲裡院 (Dabei Temple) that very close to 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye). From front of my campus, i take bus 846路 to 大营门. Then i change bus 641路 and down at 金钢桥. From that bus stop i walk arround 5 minutes to go to Dabei Temple. I finally arrived after spent about 1 hours from my dormitory to this place.

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