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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 瓷房子 Ci Fangzi (China House / Porcelain House)

August 22nd, 2011 1 comment

Summer season is finally over. Now we enter fall season, one of the best season in China besides spring season. Right now the temperature here is about 28-29 degrees. Not too cold and not too hot. So it’s really the right time to travel arround. Today i go take a walk in Tianjin again. This time i go to 滨江道 (Binjiang Dao) area. Before go shopping and take a walk in Binjiang Dao with my girlfriend, first i want to visit a place known as 瓷房子 Ci Fangzi (China Porcelain House). This place is a very unique house. Almost all components of the building were built from vases and ceramics. From my campus, i take bus 846路 and down at 复兴门 (Fuxing Men). From there i take bus 693路 and down at 山东鲁 (Shandong Lu). I got lost for a while in Shandong Lu, but after searching around i finally found the Porcelain House.

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