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Don’t want to have contact with your Ex? Use this plug-in

July 22nd, 2010 No comments

It’s really really crazy idea. Hahaha…
Recently broke up because your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating you? Or your ex is very annoying? Or maybe your ex like to disturb you? If yes, now there is a way to avoid him, but unfortunately this only applies in cyberspace.

This application is claimed able to block everything associated to specific person without detected.
They will not know you avoid them. Only you know,” said president of Interactive Agency JESS3, Leslie Bradshaw, who developed this free browser plugin.

This plug-in can only be used in Firefox and Chrome browsers. There are as many as five usernames which can be blocked by using this application. All things including photo, status update or message about your ex will be eliminated immediately

If you are interested to try it,  just visit