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Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 3)

February 5th, 2013 No comments

If you follow my blog, i am sure you have read a funny Blood Type Personality Comic before (Part 1 and Part 2). Today i continue to share the next part of this comics. For you who haven’t read this comic, this comic is about blood type personality. It was made by RealCrazyMan from Korea based on survey and research. This comic was translated to many languages around the world. If you ever learn about psychology, then you will know that there are a lot of different personality categories, and one of them is personality based on blood type. These comics may be a bit intriguing, but also accurate. I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading…

1. Multiple Choice (Part 1)


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Personality Based on Favorite Color

November 16th, 2012 No comments

Several months ago, i ever read an article about how to identify someone personality based on their favorite color. Although some of them is not perfectly match, but i think a lot of them are match as i see it in my close colleagues and friends. This science is similar to Grafalog Science (a science to know peoples personality based on their handwriting). Everyone must have their favorite color. The way how people choose their favorite color is related to people nature, personality, character and behavior. So, if you have crush on a guy or a girl, hope the tips below can be useful for you to understand more about a person you want to know.

Personality Based Favorite Color

Color can describe our personality and character. Like humans, each color has its own secret. Character that owned by each color is believed can be used to represent personality. Human personality based on color is something unique. But do not equate favorite color with the ordinary color that you found during daily routines. Because it is not possible if you paint the walls with red color. Read more…

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Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 2)

May 28th, 2012 1 comment

Continue my article about Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 1) that i posted before, today i will share you the next of Blood Type comic pictures collections. This is actually comics from Korean site, but then become popular in several country and translated into several different language.

These cartoons are about Blood Type Personality. These comics is very similar with 4 personality from Personality Plus Book such as choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic & melancholic. Some of them are true and make me smile when reading it. Just take a moment to read this article for fun.

Here are the second part of the Blood Type Personality Comic. Enjoy…
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Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 1)

October 31st, 2011 3 comments

Some time ago, while walking together with my friend, accidentally we talked about blood type. At that time also, my friend who studied from Visual Communication Design told me about Personality based on Blood type. Talked about this personality really exciting for us. Inadvertently been almost 3 hours we were in a small dining depot talking about it. I myself have read quite a lot about several types of personalities, but only this time I heard more clearly and more details about personality based on blood type.Interestingly, there is a Korean illustrator making comics about personality based on blood type.

Some time ago I had gathered all comic pages created by that Korean illustrator. On this occasion I will share to all of you about these comics. These comics are a bit intriguing, but also accurate. I wonder how the illustrator really understand each blood type personality & made these comics? Read more…

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