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How to solve missing Adsense Gadget and disappeared Adsense Tab on Monetize in Blogger

July 2nd, 2010 6 comments

Recently I found a problem on my blogger blog. This is just a small problem but quite annoying for me. I miss the option to Add a Adsense Gadget feature in the layout screen on Blogger. Usually if we click Design and click Add a Gadget there will be 20 gadget choices on popup. But one of my blog has only 19 gadget choice (and the missing gadget is Adsense Gadget). The same thing happen when i click Monetize on Blogger menu, there only one tab shown which is Amazon Associates. All Adsense tab like Adsense Overview and Adsense For Feeds is missing.

After query some search on Google and Blogger help, i couldn’t find any answer to solve this problem. And then i tried to check my blog setting more deeply. And the problem is solved. So if you have the same problem with me, just read this guide below.

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