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Shanghai Metro System Map

October 25th, 2011 No comments

Like other MRT in mainland (China), Shanghai MRT is well known as Shanghai Metro. Shanghai Metro is the urban rapid transit that incorporates both subway and light metro lines in Shanghai. Shanghai metro recognized as one of the fastest-growing and busiest rapid transit systems in the world. Even, the Shanghai Metro was built after Beijing Metro and Tianjin Metro in China, it is now has exceeded it’s predecessor.  I just tried Shanghai Metro couple days ago when i went on trip to Shanghai. Actually, i had a unpleasant experience when using Shanghai Metro. When i tried to go to the Bund at night, i must paid twice because there is a metro station that should be the exchange line station is not connected (the building of each line is separated). So if it is the first time you go by MRT in Shanghai, you must be careful. Just pay attention to the exchange line of each MRT Station. If the dot (circle) is separated, then i don’t suggest you to switch line at that station. It will be better to switch line at overlapping dot station.

Shanghai Metro Map

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Nanjing Metro (MRT) System Map

October 23rd, 2011 No comments

I just traveled to Nanjing couple days ago. Too bad, i don’t have a chance to try the MRT (Metro) there. Actually i have seen the Metro signboard when i walk around Nanjing that time, but when i follow the sign, i could find the Metro Station. Nanjing Metro (MRT) has just opened in 2005. It’s quite new compared to Beijing Subway and Tianjin Metro. But the line has been built is only 2 line (similar to Tianjin Metro). So we couldn’t only depend to this Metro to go every place in Nanjing. The fare for Nanjing metro is varies and it’s distance-based. Minimum fares is 2 yuan (USD $0.30) for one journey.



nanjing metro map


And for long term, Nanjing Metro (MRT) System Map will be like this



nanjing metro map plan