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My Favorite Kungfu and Martial Arts Movies All The Time

July 9th, 2010 7 comments

On my previous post, you can see my most inspiring, educating and motivating movies i ever watched. Beside inspiring movie, i also big fan of action movies. One of my favorite action movie is about kungfu and martial arts. So today, i will share to you all my favorite kungfu and martial arts movies. From all martial arts movie i already watched, there some movie i really really like. Sometimes i watched one movie over….. over…. over…. and over again. I never boring watching these movies. There are 5 actor which i like when playing martial arts movies. They are : Donnie Yen, Jet Lee, Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan and of course the legendary Bruce Lee.

Here are the list of my favorite movies about kungfu all the time : Read more…

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