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How to Flip Text into Upside Down Text in Facebook

July 17th, 2010 1 comment

I frequently read a status update on Facebook using inverted text (upside down text). Sometimes i also update my status using this upside down text. Just like you see on this status update below

Maybe you ever encountered upside down text like the picture above? I myself once ever wondered how to make these inverted .. Once i checked how to type these inverted text, i found that there were a lot of generator for these…

Well if you want to know how to write upside down, follow these instructions:

* Open pages
* Type the word / sentence in the column above
* And the text directly converted into upside down text, just copy and paste the results to your status update on Facebook. You can also use this for messenger (like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk), website,  twitter and many other platform.

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